UMaine MARINE – Enhancing Social, Environmental and Economic Wellbeing

UMaine MARINE, a new initiative launched by the University of Maine to make Maine a global leader as a marine state.

Since its formation in Fall 2017, the UMaine Marine Sciences Advisory Council has supported in a coordinated and synergistic manner the growth and development of research and scholarly activity in marine sciences, and has better positioned the university with related community outreach and engagement efforts.

By building on the foundation that has been created, since May 2020, the Advisory Council, representing marine units from across the university, has been instrumental in the development of the UMaine MARINE initiative.

Based on its nationally and internationally recognized marine programs, world-class research, and cutting-edge facilities, the University of Maine Marine Aligned Research, Innovation, and Nationally-recognized Education or UMaine MARINE is a unique Maine-based initiative that brings together university, industry, government, and community collaborators.

The initiative is intended to create the desired standing and prominence to further grow research and scholarly activity in marine areas, in conjunction with engagement with the outside world.

More detailed information about the initiative is available through the UMaine MARINE webpage.