CUGR video spotlight features summer fellows

A new video promoting the Center for Undergraduate Research features students awarded Summer Fellowships and MSGC Research Experiences. The students including Morgan Oehler, Rose Thayer, Sara Loiselle, Aldous Hofmann, and Basel White worked throughout the summer in labs and in the field around campus. The video was supported by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School.

Video Transcript:

[UMaine Narrator] The Center for Undergraduate Research or CUGR facilitates faculty-mentored research, scholarship, and creative activities for students across all academic disciplines at the University of Maine.

Through student-faculty collaborations and mentoring partnerships, students develop the tools and resources needed to achieve an authentic understanding of the research endeavor, the pinnacle of an educational experience.

[Aldous Hofmann] “It’s given me the opportunity to do graduate-level research as an undergraduate, which is really phenomenal.”

[Sara Loiselle] “The opportunity that it gave me just to be able to be up here and get this experience was probably my favorite thing.”

[Rose Thayer] “I learned the reality of research. Because I think in science books you see all the success stories, you see all the ‘oh these are genius people who came up with these fantastic ideas’ but research isn’t always like that. It’s the consistency, it’s the going out even if the data may not be presenting the way you want it to.”

[UMaine Narrator] CUGR offers a variety of competitive fellowships and travel grants. CUGR also hosts events such as the UMaine Student Symposium. These experiences open doors for individual growth at UMaine.

[Website:] Check out our website to learn more. CUGR—Creating knowledge, promoting scholarship, inspiring creative activity.