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image of a person climbing mountain

Nurturing tomorrow’s researchers: UMaine’s postdoctoral engagement

The National Postdoctoral Association has designated a week each year to recognize the invaluable contributions of postdoctoral scholars. Formally acknowledged by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010, this week, commencing this year on September 18, presents a unique occasion to celebrate the impact of postdoctoral scholars. A postdoc is often a short-term position that […]

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portrait of Clayton Wheeler

Forest Bioproducts Research Institute welcomes Wheeler as Director

Clayton Wheeler has been appointed as Director of the Forest Bioproducts Research Institute (FBRI) effective July 1, 2023. Wheeler, a distinguished figure in the field, is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Maine. He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to joining UMaine, he gained industrial […]

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Picture of workshop attendees

Aquaculture Research Institute hosts 39th Annual Fish Feeds and Nutrition Workshop

Article updated August 10, 2023 The Aquaculture Research Institute (ARI) hosted the 39th Fish Feeds and Nutrition Workshop from July 11 to 13 at the University of Maine. The conference brought together industry experts, researchers, and professionals in the field of aquaculture, providing a platform to explore the latest advancements in fish nutrition and feed […]

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image with the words "training and development"

ORD introduces new calendar of professional development opportunities

Reposted July 18, 2023 As part of its core mission to enhance the research environment, the Office of Research Development (ORD) offers professional development workshops and training programs tailored to meet the needs of University of Maine System (UMS) faculty, staff, and graduate students.   We are excited to announce ORD’s new calendar of offerings listed […]

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Portrait of Anne and Pips

The Portland Gateway connects, convenes and converges

Established in Portland by the University of Maine to provide a one-stop point of access to the vast array of innovative research, education and outreach resources, programs and services at the state’s research university, the Portland Gateway is now a flourishing place with seemingly limitless possibilities.  In just over two years since it was founded, […]

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photo of speaker giving presentation

UMaine hosts Postdoc Spring Social and Faculty Panel

On May 19, 2023, several University of Maine postdoctoral research associates, faculty, and other members of the broader UMaine community gathered at the Wells Conference Center in Orono for a Postdoc Spring Social and Faculty Panel, sponsored by the Office of Research Development and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of […]

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graphic with lightbulbs with words "Request for Ideas Grant Awards"

University of Maine System Request for Ideas internal grant awards announced

In October 2022 the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Joan Ferrini-Mundy, invited faculty and staff across the University of Maine System (UMS) to put forward their ideas for research, innovation, and development that could be supported or further developed by internal and external funding and/or the formation of collaborative intercampus teams.  The UMS Request […]

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portrait of Caitlin Howell and her new title

The Center for Undergraduate Research welcomes Howell as Associate Director

Caitlin Howell has been appointed as Associate Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR) effective March 1, 2023. Howell is an associate professor of Bioengineering in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and the Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering. Before joining UMaine, Howell worked as Technology Development Fellow with Joanna Aizenberg […]

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word cloud for words associated with mentor such as coaching, success and management

EMPOWER mentoring program application for fourth cohort now open

The Enhanced Mentoring Program with Opportunities for Ways to Excel in Research (EMPOWER) is a mentoring program that supports faculty in their quest to achieve significant professional growth and advancement, including attaining success in research and scholarly activities. There is particular interest in supporting faculty who are women and/or from underrepresented groups. The EMPOWER program […]

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sunrise over the planet from space

UMaine Space Initiative establishes pathways for enhanced partnerships

The University of Maine has a long history of space-related research and development activities dating back to the early 90s.  Supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Maine Space Grant Consortium (MSGC), our fellowship and scholarship programs have been running continuously for over 32 years, training the future workforce, generating intellectual property, […]

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Brian Beal seeding clams

Brian Beal: Supporting the local economy through research

Professor of Marine Ecology Brian Beal has been a leader of marine research throughout the state of Maine and the University of Maine community for over 30 years. Growing up in Jonesport, Beal developed a deep connection with the sea that has fueled a lifelong interest in marine science. In the mid-1980s as local fishermen […]

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New UMaine PFAS+ Initiative strives to address forever chemicals crisis

The University of Maine has established the PFAS+ Initiative, a university-wide multi-disciplinary effort to address the per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) pollution crisis and its cascading environmental and societal impacts. The new initiative is led by a steering committee made up of four members including Onur Apul, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, Jason […]

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image of grant application materials on a desk

ORD introduces new standing due dates for internal grants and calls for concept papers

The Office of Research Development (ORD) managed nearly a dozen intramural grant competitions in FY 2022 to provide seed funding for R&D initiatives, student research learning experiences, and research collaborations within the University of Maine System and beyond. Each of these competitions had separate proposal guidelines, multiple due dates spanning the academic year, and peer […]

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photo of a river meeting the ocean

Maine Environmental DNA initiative advances coastal ecosystem sustainability

University of Maine researchers and collaborators are leading the way in an emerging field that combines environmental science and genetics, revolutionizing how scientists understand and monitor our state’s 3,500 miles of coastline that our marine ecosystems depend on. Through a $20 million EPSCoR Research Infrastructure (RII) Track 1 award from the National Science Foundation in […]

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picture of Alexandra Peary

Peary studies changes in physical activity strategies in schools during the pandemic

Winning a fellowship award from the Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR) led to the “defining moment of my undergraduate career,” says Alexandra Peary, a senior nursing student at the University of Maine. Peary, a Cumberland, Maine native, is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. She decided to use her fellowship to research how physical activity […]

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colorful umbrella image

University of Maine Arts Initiative (UMAI) Seed Grant RFP

The University of Maine Arts Initiative (UMAI) is pleased to announce another round of competitive seed grants to create and enhance collaborations across the arts at the University of Maine (UMaine) and University of Maine at Machias (UMM). The purpose of the UMAI seed grant program is to encourage innovative and interdisciplinary collaborations that seek […]

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umaine students at conference

Team of UMaine Students place second at the Northeast Bioengineering Conference

UMaine students Jacob Holbrook, Dominic Kugell, Margaret McCarthy, and Basel White have had a busy semester. The team of undergraduate students presented their senior capstone project at the Northeast Bioengineering Conference (NEBEC), where they placed second overall out of the 44 undergraduate poster presentations. Supervised by Professor of Practice Robert Bowie, and mentored by Professor […]

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Portrait of student working in lab

The IMRC Center expands support for research innovation

Since transitioning to a unit under the Coordinating Operating Research Entities (CORE) in 2020, the Innovative Media Research and Commercialization Center or IMRC Center, has embraced new opportunities to support research initiatives, academic curricula, and external commercial projects with access to resources and services. The 2021-22 academic year has seen a 100% increase in IMRC […]

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person at table with computer

ORC launches new Research Compliance Newsletter

The Office of Research Compliance (ORC) invites you to subscribe to the new Research Compliance newsletter. Compliance is a critical component of all research conducted at UMaine. The Office of Research Compliance provides the resources and support necessary to assist researchers with conducting ethical research and to ensure that all members of the university community […]

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image of researchers next to salmon tanks

New USDA grant builds on Aquaculture Research Institute partnerships to advance sustainability in land-based salmon aquaculture

The University of Maine Aquaculture Research Institute (ARI) in collaboration with the lead institution University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) has been awarded a $10 million U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) grant to research land-based salmon aquaculture. The Sustainable Aquaculture Systems Supporting Atlantic Salmon project, also known as SAS2, brings together several academic and federal […]

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scene from the documentary

UMM Downeast Documentary crew reveals local and global stories

Creative Arts Faculty Alan Kryszak and his film students at UMaine Machias are drawing critical acclaim for their latest feature “Privacy & The Power of Secrets”. The documentary shows different perspectives around data privacy and surveillance. Investigations into the past and present explore how collecting information affects society. From historical documents to face recognition technology, […]

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photo of student holding binoculars

CUGR video spotlight features summer fellows

A new video promoting the Center for Undergraduate Research features students awarded Summer Fellowships and MSGC Research Experiences. The students including Morgan Oehler, Rose Thayer, Sara Loiselle, Aldous Hofmann, and Basel White worked throughout the summer in labs and in the field around campus. The video was supported by the Office of the Vice President […]

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Photo of Vinzani workin with students

Vinzani makes an impression, at UMM and far beyond

Bernie Vinzani’s love of teaching the art of printmaking began when he delivered a hands-on lesson to his peers in an undergraduate speech class at Indiana State University. He demonstrated how to make a print using a piece of cardboard and a potato. Now, Vinzani is a professor of art and book arts at the […]

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Image of arctic landscape and sunset

UMaine Arctic initiative announces inaugural Seed Grant awardees

The UMaine Arctic initiative is pleased to announce winners of a new competitive seed grant program, created to facilitate research collaborations across Arctic research disciplines. The purpose of the UMaine Arctic initiative is to bring together people across the UMaine and UMM campuses with an interest in the high latitudes and, additionally, develop and strengthen […]

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Image of corn plants

EPIC students create affordable crop monitoring system for small farms in Maine

A team of students making up the first cohort at the UMaine Experiential Learning Innovation Central (EPIC) engineered a low-cost monitoring system for local farmers. Guided by mentors Peter Schilling, Sean Taylor, and professor Ali Abedi, the multidisciplinary team included junior in civil and environmental engineering Kettie Cormier, first-year mechanical engineering student Camden Sawyer, and […]

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Image of virtual earth game

Bock uses virtual reality to improve mathematics education

Camden Bock is a Ph.D. candidate in the STEM Education program at the University of Maine College of Education and Human Development. Bock looks at how technologies, like virtual reality, can be used to analyze three-dimensional objects and researches how these technologies can be used to help students understand three-dimensional mathematical objects in three-dimensional space. […]

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Image of cells under microscope

Institute of Medicine Internal Seed Grant awardees announced

The Institute of Medicine at the University of Maine coordinates and supports the research and public outreach efforts of some of the state’s leading experts, whose research and scholarly work at UMaine advances rural health care, diagnostic medicine, immune system diseases and disorders, and medical humanities. In March 2021, The Institute of Medicine (IoM) requested […]

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Image of arctic coastline

From grassroots to global: the evolution of the UMaine Arctic initiative

UMaine Arctic began as a movement to connect researchers on campus who were interested in the region. Today, the initiative is one of the most interdisciplinary projects on campus, with membership spanning across 20 different departments and schools. The idea for UMaine Arctic spurred from a program that was launched at the University of New […]

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abstract image of blocks

How Research Data Management benefits everyone through open access

Research Data Management (RDM) is a systematic and planned approach to the entire life cycle of scholarly data: from the collection, creation, and/or observation to documentation, storage, and sharing. All researchers engage in RDM in some capacity, but the better a project’s research data is managed, the better the impact the project will have beyond […]

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right whale photo

EPIC students redesign lobster traps to save right whales

A team of students making up the first cohort at the UMaine Experiential Learning Innovation Central (EPIC) redesigned lobster trapping mechanisms in order to protect right whales. Guided by faculty mentors Jason Bolton, John Belding, and Ali Abedi, the team included Hannah Milne, a first-year chemical engineering student; Alexis Bader and Benjamin Swanson, students both […]

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Image of people's feet with drawing on floor

First cohort of EPIC completes course, advancing experiential learning, research and innovation

When students from varying disciplines work together to solve real-world problems, they gain research and collaborative skills through the experience. The earlier the foundation can be laid to build these skills, the better-prepared students will be when they enter the workforce. The UMaine Experiential Learning Innovation Central (EPIC) offers exactly this preparation, seamlessly blending learning […]

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First cohort NRT students

New program aims to prepare the next generation of conservation leaders

A unique traineeship program designed to produce interdisciplinary environmental conservation leaders now offers Master’s and Ph.D. degree opportunities to address the challenges presented by global and local changes in environmental, social, economic and climatic conditions. The National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) Program has awarded the University of Maine “NRT: Enhancing Conservation Science and Practice” […]

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paint and Stethoscope image

New program combines medicine, arts

Some people consider themselves to be a numbers person, more than a creative type. Others feel drawn to the artistic side of life more than the analytical. Since the 1960s, when Nobel-prize winning research painted a picture of a human brain split straight down the middle – it is believed that humans are either right […]

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Professional Opioid Workforce Response

New UMaine program addresses opioid epidemic challenges

Addressing the opioid epidemic in the United States requires expanding access to treatment and work to prevent the more than 130 deaths each day from opioid-related drug overdoses nationwide. Maine’s rate of fatal overdoses due to opioids – the class of drugs that include heroin and morphine as well as fentanyl, oxycodone, and hydrocodone – […]

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NIH T32 Grant Awarded for GSBSE

The University of Maine has received a five-year, $1.07 million Institutional Research Training Grant (T32) from the National Institutes of Health. This funding is the first of its kind to be awarded in the state of Maine from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. According to the NIH, the T32 program supports broad and […]

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Judy walker and students in lab

Cutting-edge speech therapy for rural populations fills need around the world

Judy Walker travels to a lot of places during a typical day: several spots in Maine, Canada and even Fiji. All without leaving her lab. Walker is an associate professor in Communication Sciences and Disorders and coordinator of the University of Maine Speech Therapy Telepractice Program. She oversees services provided by students and faculty to […]

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Susan Smith at the IMRC

Faculty Profile: Susan Smith explains how research resonates through art

Q&A with Susan Smith, assistant director of the Intermedia Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program You are a graduate of the Intermedia MFA program here at UMaine. How does this help you connect with and understand the students’ challenges? My years of graduate studies expanded my view of the world and how I interact with […]

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