Institute of Medicine Announcement

UMaine Medicine initiative now the Institute of Medicine

Launched in Fall 2018, the UMaine Medicine initiative was intended to support in a coordinated and synergistic manner the growth and development of research and scholarly activity in health and life sciences, and to better position the university with related community outreach and engagement efforts. Through the contribution of many faculty and other participants, and guided by a steering committee with broad faculty representation, significant progress has been made towards the realization of this goal.

This is manifested by the emergence of a transformative and coordinated community of collaborating researchers and educators, who in partnership with health care providers and other stakeholders are dedicated to the advancement of human health and wellbeing in the state of Maine and beyond, through discovery and learning in health and life sciences, from basic and translational research, to clinical practices and healthcare workforce development.

To further grow the benefits derived from UMaine Medicine, and to build on the solid foundation that it has created, it is being renamed or identified as the Institute of Medicine. The Institute will have the desired standing and the prominence that would further benefit and grow research and scholarly activity in health and life sciences, in conjunction with engagement with the outside world. As part of this, it will be instrumental in enabling the attainment of significant external resources, including from federal agencies, as the National Institutes of Health, where the related “research environment” of the institution is a key criteria in NIH proposals getting funded.

A presentation on the Institute for Medicine is planned during Maine Impact Week on September 29.

Moreover, inquiries can be sent to Tammy Crosby ( in the Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School.