COVID-19 Research Continuity Update

April 2, 2021: The following is an update on the University’s Plan for Phased Continuity of the Research Enterprise and also, an update regarding the submission and approval of research and scholarly activity requests for Spring and Summer 2021.

We have been in Phase 3 of the Phased Research Continuity Plan since August 1, 2020, and are continuing in that Phase for the time being. We appreciate all the good work that everyone has done in conducting research while keeping the community safe, and we urge everyone to please remain diligent and continue with the work of keeping our community safe. Please continue to submit your new research activities through the request form and utilize UMSpaceSafe. This continuing process is necessary to monitor activity and to allow for planning in case circumstances change.

The response to COVID-19 continues to be a rapidly evolving situation even at this stage of the pandemic and this guidance is subject to change. Please continue to regularly check the UMS Information page ( and the UMaine Information page (

We appreciate your patience during this time of uncertainty and for all that you do in service to our University, the State, and beyond. Please contact Tammy Crosby ( with any questions or comments.