St. John Valley

St. John ValleyWelcome to St. John Valley!

“If you have read Longfellow’s “Evangeline” and you have wanted to know more about the story… experience her culture and people first hand here in the St. John River Valley.” (Aroostook County Tourism)

According to “Visit Aroostook”, “Located at the northern tip of the State of Maine, this region borders the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick, Canada. This beautiful river valley is home to approximately 15,000 US residents with another 40,000 living in communities in Canada. The inhabitants, many of them bilingual Francophones, are proud of their French and Acadian heritage and still celebrate their culture through their language, unique foods and wonderful festivals.” It is also famous for the vast wilderness area known as the Allagash. It also include a large portion of the St. John River; home to phenomenal outdoor experiences.  Some of the larger towns include Fort Kent and Madawaska. For more information take a look at Aroostook County tourism.

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