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Aroostook Deer

According to Wikipedia, “Starting in 1870, a Swedish-immigrant colony was established by the State of Maine in Aroostook County. On March 23, 1870 the Maine State Legislature passed an Act authorizing a Board of Immigration and William W. Thomas, Jr. was named Commissioner of Immigration. Thomas went to Sweden, recruited immigrants and led them first into New Sweden township followed by the townships of Westmanland and Stockholm. In 1879 the first group of immigrants to settle in Westmanland. Victor Lindberg, from the Swedish province of Västmanland, arrived in the area of Westmanland during 1881. He is credited with naming the new plantation Westmanland when it was organized June 1, 1892.” There were 62 people living in Westmanland at the time of the 2010 census. There are a few small farms and a retirement area along Madawaska lake.


  • Bangor and Aroostook Trail Westmanland, ME 04783
    • This trail passes right through Westmanland. The 61-mile multi-use trail is part of northern Maine’s Interconnected Trail System. It is used and maintained by various snowmobile clubs in the winter, and by bicyclists and hikers in the summer.
  • Swedish Colony Westmanland, ME 04783
    • Maine's Historic Swedish ColonyMaine’s historic Swedish Colony once covered much of what is now Westmanland and neighboring New Sweden, Perham, Stockholm, and Woodland, and many related sites remain in Westmanland today. Have an adventure seeing how many sites you can find along the way!
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  • A variety of shops & services are available in nearby Perham and Woodland!

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