Maine's Historic Swedish Colony

Welcome to Stockholm!

According to Aroostook ME, “The town of Stockholm began in 1881. It was first named Upsala after a suburb of Stockholm in old Sweden. Later, probably with aspirations to greatness, the name was changed to Stockholm, after the capital of Sweden. Early in the town’s history, forests, agriculture and the railroad were important. The Madawaska River was dammed and many mills were located nearby.”

According to Wikipedia, “In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, French and Swedish were the primary languages of many families living and working in Stockholm. Many French-speaking Acadians migrated to Stockholm to work in the three wood mills Stockholm had at the time..” The town currently has 250 residents per the 2020 census.


  • Bangor and Aroostook Trail Stockholm, ME 04783
    • This trail passes right through Stockholm. The 61-mile multi-use trail is part of northern Maine’s Interconnected Trail System. It is used and maintained by various snowmobile clubs in the winter, and by bicyclists and hikers in the summer.
  • Midsommar Fest Stockholm, ME 04783
    • “Swedish culture comes alive in New Sweden’s annual Midsommar Festival in Northern Maine. This traditional Swedish festival holds true to its roots with a colorful three-day event marked by gathering flowers and lighting bonfires to mark the summer solstice.”
  • Stockholm Historical Society 280 South Main St, Stockholm, ME 04783
    • Visit this impressive museum that showcases the remarkable history of the once-booming Stockholm, where the lumber industry was king. Visiting is free to the public and provides an interesting window into the lives of the Swedish settlers who were the first Europeans to settle in this area.
  • Additional activities are available in nearby Caribou, Van Buren, and Woodland!


  • Eureka Hall Restaurant 5 School St, Stockholm, ME 04783 | (207) 896-5868
    • Eureka Hall Tavern is a hidden gem, with many amazing options on a long, eclectic menu to choose from. They also offer a great drinks menu and regularly host live music events. Enjoy!
  • Check out additional dining options in nearby Caribou and Van Buren!


Shops & Services

  • Anderson’s Store 327 North Main St, Stockholm, ME 04783 | (207) 896-5858
    • This old country store, now on the National Register of Historic Places, has been restored and continues to serve the community today!
  • A variety of other shops & services can be found in nearby Caribou, Van Buren, and Woodland!

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