Welcome to Hamlin!

Welcome to Hamlin

The town of Hamlin is located along the US-Canada border and the beautiful St. John River. It draws its name from Vice President Hannibal Hamlin, French is the dominant first language around town, and it is the closest location to Europe in the continental US! As in many Aroostook towns, agriculture is the primary source of work in Hamlin. According to the 2020 census, Hamlin has a population of 166.


  • Roosevelt High School Hamlin MaineRoosevelt School 588 Hamlin Rd, Hamlin, ME 04785 | (207) 868-5555
    • According to Maine an Encyclopedia, “The Roosevelt School served as the District No. 2 school building from 1933 to 1951, replacing a former schoolhouse. In 1979, it was only one of two school buildings that remained intact and on their original sites in Hamlin.”
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