Congratulations, Class of 2023!

Dear Class of 2023:

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the University of Maine College of Education and Human Development, I want to take a moment to congratulate you on all that you’ve accomplished in your time here.

Penny Bishop

Going to college is one of life’s great adventures, and what an adventure it has been for you and your classmates. Amidst a global pandemic and social upheaval, you found new ways to connect with one another and celebrate achievements big and small. Everyone in the college is proud of you, and wishes you continued success in whatever comes next and for many years to come. 

As you move on to new adventures, please stay in touch. Each and every day, our alumni make a profound difference in the lives of individuals, families, schools and communities, here in Maine and beyond. While we can never fully express our gratitude for all of this amazing work, we’d love to hear about it and how your time at UMaine helped shape your contributions to the world.

Once again, congratulations! Job well done, Black Bears!


Penny Bishop, Dean
College of Education and Human Development

Outstanding Graduating Students

Outstanding Undergraduate Students

Outstanding Graduate Students

Class of 2023: Undergraduate Students

Athletic Training

Katie Brittain
Emily Davison
Nathan Holst-Grubbe

Elementary Education

Liv Barboza
Meggie Bennett
Paige Boudreau
Claire Bowen
Audrey Buzzell
Lily Canders
Caroline Davis
Ethan Ford
Emily Freedman
Ainsley Hainer
Jacqueline Hall
Isabelle Hallagan
Kaitlyn Helfen
Faith Hunt
Madi Ivory
Annie Kay
Aislinn Keefe
Haylie Kersey
Sam LaPorte
Maria Low
Maeve Maloney
Natalie McCarthy
Jazmyne Mejias
Sophia Mercurio
Katie Morrissey
Annabelle Muscatell
Jonathan Prell
Jessica Punch
Emma Simmons
Brynne Speakman
Lily Wofford

Secondary Education

Alexis Allard
Jakob Archer
Nick Avery
Isabel Burch
Ben Campbell
Cat Caragine
Delaney Colson
Laura Curioli
Carl Durocher
Amanda Floyd
Alex Fountain
Riley Griffin
Luke Harper
John Holt
Paige Houk
Ali Janes
Meg Leacy
Lily Lehan
Trey Liberty
Ryan McDougal
Stephanie McGrath
Emma Nelson
Maxwell Rich
Jessica Sargent
Noah Ward-Rubin
Kendrah Willey
Sam Willigar

Child Development and Family Relations

Bryn Arledge
Kenzie Bennett
Libby Boone
Olivia Bourque
Ted Brodhead
Christine Brown
Alanna Chavaree
Caitlin Crawford
Ellie Dacey
Sophia DiMillo
Colleen Ford
Jessica Freeman
Jennah Geiser
Miranda Gibbons
Zoe Goff
Anna Hayes
Maddie Herbert
Olivia Hoovler
Olivia Ives
Kristin Jenkins
Kaitlyn Kelley
Brian Lee
Cassandra Leighton
Seana Mackeldey
Donna Morin
Jacquie Mullally
Tatum Peters
James Sapiel
Sally Stead
Jordan Sullivan
Taylor Sullivan
Emily Villemaire
Tessa Worgull

Kinesiology and Physical Education

Katelyn Arman
Mille Sofie Baartvedt
Jeremy Bissell
Shawn Bowman
Janessa Breton
Alex Briggs
Kaitlyn Brown
Justin Browne
Sean Bunton
Camilla Ceccarelli
Christopher Chalande
Meaghan Cotter
Alex Cousins
Brandon Cummings
Alison Dewsnap
Brent Dixon
Kelby Drews
Jenna Dugal
Will Eshleman
Julia Feid
Tara Flubacher
Alec Gagnon
Hannah Gosline
Matt Gurney
Colby Hafford
Cam Hargraves
Cooper Hart
Kai Hart
Sofia Hartley
Matty Johnson
Samantha Johnson
Pierce Kempkes
Brian Klatt
Alexandra Lessard
Tommy Mahoney
Sarah Mansfield
Fletcher Marriner
Victoria Meeker
Owen Mild
Grace Minkin
Niraj Patel
Nick Poulliot
Tyson Rice
Emily Richardson
Bryan Riley
Hannah Sanderson
Clara Simpson
Zach Steigert
Myles Turner
CJ Upham
Jackson Wilson

Class of 2023: Graduate Students

Doctoral Graduates

Education Ph.D.

Todd McKinley, Ph.D. (Literacy Education)
Jamie Treworgy, Ph.D. (Prevention and Intervention)

Educational Leadership Ed.D.

David Armistead, Ed.D.

Higher Education Ph.D.

Jane Ellingwood, Ph.D.

Master’s and Education Specialist (Ed.S.) Graduates

Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction

Emily Brown, M.Ed.
Erica Cianci, M.Ed.
Abigail Couture, M.Ed.
Molly Dunn, M.Ed.
Carleen Goodsell, M.Ed.
Charles Greenberg, M.Ed.
Yagmur Gunel, M.Ed.
Joan Hammond, M.Ed.
Katie Jones, M.Ed.
Melissa Kelleher, M.Ed.
Krystal Livermore, M.Ed.
Lauren Magnuson, M.Ed.
Sophia Manning, M.Ed.
Scarlet McAvoy, Ed.S.
Anna Meuther, M.Ed.
Torrie Nightingale, M.Ed.
Delaney Overlock, M.Ed.
Maire Pelletier, M.Ed.
Samantha Poll, M.Ed.
Jennifer Robicheau, Ed.S.
Lauren Roy, M.Ed.
Lisa Simko, Ed.S.

Master of Arts in Teaching

Madison Buxton, MAT
Nora Duffy, MAT
Warren Frost, MAT
Anna Ramgren, MAT
Nicholas Sherwood, MAT

Education (Individualized)

Anna Caballero, M.Ed.
Naya Clifford, Ed.S.
Tera Guthrie, M.Ed.
Marion MacEwen, M.Ed.

Educational Leadership

Scott Baillargeon, M.Ed.
Jake Chambers, M.Ed.
Thomas Coleman, M.Ed.
Mingwun Dana, M.Ed.
Alexzéa Joles, M.Ed.
Monica Larrabee, Ed.S.
Amanda Lovejoy, M.Ed.
April Miller, M.Ed.
Cristina Perez Zamora, M.Ed.
Laura Thomas, M.Ed.

Instructional Technology

Irene Ayotte, M.Ed.
Matthew Jackins, M.Ed.
Bradley Martin, M.Ed.
Scarlet McAvoy, M.Ed.
Suzanna Michaud, M.Ed.
Kristina Safford, M.Ed.
Joshua Schmidt, M.Ed.

Student Development in Higher Education

Sophia Audu Eberegbe, M.Ed.
Olivia Bamford, M.Ed.
Orlina Boteva, Ed.S.
Miriam Cohen, M.Ed.
Sierra Crenshaw, M.Ed.
Benn Delisle, M.Ed.
Devin Franklin, M.Ed.
Colleen French, M.Ed.
Robert Izydore, M.Ed.
Jade Laplante, M.Ed.
Katherine McCarthy, M.Ed.
Sabrina Murray, M.Ed.
Natalie Pagliocca, M.Ed.
Rachel Smith, M.Ed.

Human Development

Wendy Bessette, M.S.
Lillian Hunt, M.S.
Emily Kuhlmann, M.S.
Grace Mix, M.S.

Kinesiology and Physical Education

Julianna Cleaves, M.Ed.
Alexandra Johnson, M.Ed.
Natasha McGowan, M.S.
Keith Parker, M.Ed.
Michelle Simpson, M.Ed.
Brooke Sulinski, M.Ed.

Literacy Education

Heather Ahern Huish, M.Ed.
Mercedes Czlapinski, Ed.S.
Ruth Gunnell, M.Ed.
Alexandria Mooney, M.Ed.
Shelly Morin, Ed.S.
Suzanne Neville, M.Ed.
Katherine Norton, M.Ed.
Amelia Reinhardt, M.Ed.
Susanne White, M.Ed.

Special Education

Sara DeMello, M.Ed.
Carly Frost, M.Ed.
Emily Krzyzek, M.Ed.
Nicole LaPlant, M.Ed.
Corey Leach, M.Ed.
Suzanna Michaud, M.Ed.
Crystal Oliver, M.Ed.
Sara Pomeroy, M.Ed.
Gini Sardinha, M.Ed.
Mikayla Sintiris, M.Ed.
Elizabeth Zivic, M.Ed.