Devin Franklin: Student Development in Higher Education Excellence Award

Devin Franklin studio portrait.The Student Development in Higher Education Excellence Award is presented to a graduating master’s student who has most exemplified combined academic and professional excellence with consistently exceptional classroom performance alongside outstanding service to the higher education graduate program, the university and the field.

One of this year’s recipients is Devin Franklin from Fort Worth, Texas. Devin graduated from the University of Alabama with a B.S. in Finance and Economics with a minor in the Blount Undergraduate Initiative, and now is graduating from UMaine with her master’s degree.

During her undergraduate career, Devin says she was fortunate to have a great college experience due to her mentors in various higher education spaces. Through her work as an Honors Year One intern and as an Avanti orientation leader, Devin realized she wanted to aid other college students’ learning, which led her to the student development in higher education master’s program.

During her master’s program, Devin worked as an Assistant Community Coordinator for Residence Life, where she supervised both first-year and upperclassmen residence halls. She also served as a research-to-practice intern with StopHazing, completed an internship with UMaine’s Office of International Programs, and was an instructor of record for LAS 150.