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Campus Recreation
5797 New Balance Student Recreation Center
22 Hilltop Road
Orono, ME 04469-5797
(207) 581-1082

Maine Bound Adventure Center
5795 Maine Bound Adventure Center
46 Sebago Road
Orono, ME 04469-5795
(207) 581-1794

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Mission Statement: “We make the University stronger.”

Human Dignity Statement
We recognize, understand and encourage celebration of the human differences that surround us. We ask you to participate in fostering this spirit.  Any expression of bigotry, hatred, prejudice or disrespect is inconsistent with the ideals of preserving human dignity and contradicts the values of healthful living and fair play promoted by the University of Maine and our staff.

Our Vision
Our vision is a UMaine community that is healthy, engaged and physically active.  We nurture this vision by offering fun and challenging recreational programs supported by world-class customer service, a universally welcoming environment, and exceptional facilities.

Our Values

Diversity – We believe in achieving excellence through cultural diversity.  We support this endeavor by creating a welcoming environment in our facilities, and offering a variety of programs and services to appeal to all members of our community.

Personal Development – We consider ourselves educators and provide opportunities for our participants to learn, grow and develop new skills through participation.  We commit to the development of our staff by offering challenging employment, meaningful leadership experiences and purposeful on-going training.

Sustainability – We are excellent stewards of our resources.  We work hard to responsibly manage our environmental, human and fiscal resources to support continuous, high level programming.

Wellness – We are committed to helping people make positive, lasting changes in their lives.  We provide excellent programs, services and facilities that support the health and well being of our campus and community.

Customer Service – We care about our participants and work hard to offer world class, welcoming service. We strive to be the place people think about when they think of excellent customer service at the University of Maine.

Safety – Safety is our top priority.  We offer high quality programs, services and facilities that take care of the physical and emotional safety of our participants.

Fun – We make it fun to play, participate, learn, and grow through experiences with Campus Recreation.

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