All Retirees:

We are a Renew Active provider, and a membership-only provider for the SilverSneakers Program.  Check your health plan to see whether it offers either of these benefits.  If it does, email Kristie Deschesne at to find out if you qualify for a free membership!

University of Maine System (or Any Campus) Retirees:

Retirees of the University of Maine System, or any University of Maine campus, who do not have Renew Active or SilverSneakers, may receive a 15% discount off normal full membership rates (primary member only) and may add secondary members under the same policies and rates as any other member. To receive this rate, retiree must show proof of retirement from the UMaine System or any University of Maine campus.

  • University of Maine System Retiree must be a member in order for their spouse / domestic partner to have membership(s) under this category.
  • Individual must have actually officially retired from the University of Maine System or a campus, not just have worked there in the past. Proof required.
  • All memberships in this rate category require a 3-month minimum commitment.

University of Maine Retirees (Orono Campus):

If you are retiring from the UMaine campus, and you do not have SilverSneakers or Renew Active as a benefit on your health insurance, email Kristie Deschesne at