Facility Policies


As of March 26th, as per the University of Maine System directive, face coverings are NO LONGER required indoors for all persons – students, staff, faculty, and visitors – regardless of vaccination status, when indoors at a University facility. This includes the Rec Center and Maine Bound. This is effective until further notice. The Rec Center pool is open with limited hours.

COVID-19 Related Policies

  • As of March 26th, 2022 face masks are now optional the the Rec Center
  • As of June 13, 2022 day passes will be available for purchase. Please visit our day pass page for more information.
  • Photo ID is required; we have implemented a touchless check-in process so please let us know if you would like your Drivers’ License bar code recorded for faster check-in.
  • In order to best promote the health and safety of all facility patrons and staff, new protocols have been implemented, including expanded cleaning and disinfecting of equipment and surfaces.
  • Please wash or sanitize your hands frequently.
  • Please clean the machines or weights before and after you use them.
  • The Rec Center Leisure Pool, Spa and Sauna are now open 

General Facility Use: In consideration for other users, please use all Campus Recreation facilities in the manner for which they are intended.  Additionally, please refer to the policies below.

Code of Conduct:

University of Maine Campus Recreation has specific rules and regulations for its programs, services and indoor/outdoor facilities. We also expect all those using our facilities to exhibit good citizenship and responsible behavior. Use of University of Maine recreational facilities is a privilege and users are expected to respect the rights of others.  Individuals who engage in behavior which violates our policies may be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the University of Maine Student Conduct Code (PDF), policies of Human Resources and other University of Maine Policies, and/or state and federal law. Under our Code of Conduct, Campus Recreation participants are expected to:

  • Respect and comply with the instructions of Campus Recreation employees in the performance of their official duties.
  • Utilize facilities, equipment and programs in the manner of intended use and without disrupting the activities of others in Campus Recreation facilities.
  • Adhere to the rules and policies set by Campus Recreation and the University in its facilities and programs.
  • Act in a safe, responsible manner regarding themselves and others.

Participants engaging in behavior which violates Campus Recreation/University policies in the Recreational facilities may have their usage privileges revoked and could face possible University disciplinary action and/or law enforcement action.

Please join with us in making Campus Recreation a place for everyone. Thank you.

Alcohol and Other Drugs:

Alcoholic beverages, and illegal and performance enhancing drugs, may not be brought into or used in any Campus Recreation facilities. For safety reasons, individuals may not use Campus Recreation facilities or participate in programs while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Exceptions include alcoholic beverages at University catered functions and special events.


Only certified guide or personal assistant animals are permitted in Campus Recreation facilities.


At a minimum, please wear full glute-covering shorts, full chest-covering tops, and closed-toe athletic shoes in all Campus Recreation facilities, with the exception of the pool. Non-marking court shoes must be worn on basketball and racquetball/squash courts, and in multipurpose rooms. For health/sanitation reasons, bare feet are not allowed anywhere except the locker rooms and pools. Please strongly consider wearing sandals in the pools and locker room areas anytime you are not actually in the water. Please wear appropriate swimwear in the pools, spa, and sauna, and change into suitable attire before using other areas of the facility.

Bicycles, Roller Skates, Rollerblades and Skateboards:

For everyone’s safety, bicycles and skateboards may not be brought inside Campus Recreation facilities. Roller skates and roller blades are allowed only on the Multi-Activity Court; they must be removed before exiting the MAC.

Cell Phones:

For safety and security reasons, the use of cell phones is not allowed in locker rooms, bathrooms, or sauna, and not recommended while using fitness equipment. Additionally, their use may be restricted in some specific programs for privacy and safety reasons.

Closing Time:

All areas including locker rooms must be vacated by closing time each night. Reminders will be given as the closing time nears. A final announcement will be made when the facility closes. Fifteen minutes prior to closing, all checked-out equipment must be returned, and all day lockers must be emptied.

Commercial Activities:

Engaging in commercial activities (the actual selling of goods and services) is prohibited within all Campus Recreation facilities except as permitted by facility rental policies and/or contracts.

Disability Access:

It is the policy and practice of the University of Maine to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and the state and local requirements regarding people with disabilities. Under these laws, no qualified individual with a disability shall be denied access to or participation in services, programs, and activities of The University of Maine. The Rec Center is designed to accommodate patrons of varying abilities. Campus Recreation staff are available to provide accommodations to members with disabilities. Members are encouraged to contact us to help ensure that their request for accommodation is met.

If a Personal Assistant / Caregiver (“Assistant”) is required, the following guidelines will apply:

  • The Assistant will be listed under the member with disability (“Member”) in the membership database for tracking purposes, but s/he will not be included on the membership.
  • The Assistant accommodation is not a membership and therefore the Assistant has limited access to Campus Recreation (CR) facilities, and is not eligible for member discounts or benefits such as locker rental or racquetball court reservations.
  • The Assistant may only assist the Member in recreation and/or fitness activities, the Assistant may not themselves recreate or work out.
  • Both the Member, and the Assistant must adhere to all CR policies.
  • Per CR facility entry policy, the Assistant will be checked into the facility with her/his Photo ID; her/his visit will be recorded under her/his Liability Waiver.
  • Please contact Jeff Hunt (581-3054) to begin the Assistant Accommodation request process.

Electrical Storm Policy – Swimming Pool:

Due to the threat of electrocution from a lightning strike, the swimming pool will close in the event of a lightning storm. Although the building has a lightning protection system, including the pool structure being bonded and grounded, there is still a possible risk of shock through the underground metallic network and large surface area of the water. Campus Recreation has taken the recommendation of the National Lightning Safety Institute and the American Red Cross to close all indoor swimming facilities during an electrical storm. When the first lightning strike is seen or thunder heard, the pools will be cleared and area closed. The pools will reopen 30 minutes after the last lightning is seen or thunder heard. Patrons can congregate in the locker rooms or (if properly attired) in the lobby until the pool reopens. The showers will be unavailable while the pool is closed during thunder and lightning storms.

Facility Closures / Inclement Weather:

Areas of the Rec Center and MBAC may be closed and/or restricted from time to time.  Most of these closures and restrictions will be due to special events, classes, cleaning and maintenance, reservations, or inclement weather. Scheduled closures will be posted one week in advance whenever possible. Unscheduled or emergency closures will be posted to the appropriate Facebook page and the Announcements section of the website.

  • Inclement Weather During the Academic Year: If UMaine remains open, then all Campus Recreation programming runs as scheduled, and our facilities remain open.  If UMaine closes, then all Campus Recreation programming is canceled, but the Rec Center and Maine Bound will usually remain open. It’s a good idea to call ahead just to make sure.
  • Inclement Weather During Breaks: If UMaine remains open, then all Campus Recreation programming runs as scheduled, and our facilities remain open.  If UMaine closes, our facilities may close or go to limited hours, so please call ahead.

Facility Entry:

For entry to any Campus Recreation facility, in addition to signing a General Use Liability Waiver and having a membership or day pass:

  • Anyone aged 18+ must present a MaineCard, RecCard, or a government issued picture ID card.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or other responsible adult who is 18+.
  • Anyone aged 0-13 must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult guardian, who presents their own MaineCard, RecCard, or a government issued picture ID card and vouches for the child’s identity.

Food and Drinks:

Please, no glass containers. Food is permitted in lobby and lounge areas only. Water is allowed in activity areas only if it is in an enclosed, unbreakable container. Exceptions to these restrictions include University-catered functions and special events.

Moving Equipment:

For your safety, only Campus Recreation staff may move equipment in Campus Recreation facilities.

Music Devices:

Personal/portable music devices, such as phones, MP3 players, and boom boxes are allowed only when used with head phones.

Open Recreation:

Open recreation hours are available for all members to engage in various recreational activities on a first-come, first-served basis.

Personal Belongings / Lost And Found:

Campus Recreation cannot be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property.  Please lock your valuable personal belongings in rental or day lockers, and otherwise use cubbies. Unsecured belongings may be considered abandoned property and turned in to lost and found.

Lost And Found items must be claimed in person by the individual who lost it.  Items can not be “set aside” via phone or email or claimed by a friend.

Items found on Sunday-Tuesday will be taken to charity on the following Friday. Items found on Wednesday-Saturday will be taken to charity on the following Tuesday.

Personal Training, Teaching, Instructing:

Teaching, training, and otherwise instructing at Campus Recreation and Maine Bound facilities,  including but not limited to the New Balance Student Recreation Center, Maine Bound Adventure Center, Bridge Tennis Courts, and Maine Bound Challenge Course, is allowed only by employees of Campus Recreation and/or Maine Bound, or by written permission of the Director of Campus Recreation.


To protect individual privacy, photography and/or videotaping are not allowed unless prior written authorization is obtained from the Director of Campus Recreation or his/her designee.

Tobacco Use:

Smoking tobacco products are not permitted anywhere on the University of Maine campus.

Transgender Inclusion:

Campus Recreation supports and values an individual’s right to access and utilize recreation facilities, restrooms, locker rooms, programs, and services in accordance with an individual’s gender identity and gender expression.  Individuals shall be permitted to participate in programs and and activities in accordance with that person’s consistently asserted gender identity. For more detailed information, please refer to our Locker Room policies, Intramural Sports policies, and Sport Club Handbook.

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Family Policies

Our family policy encourages patrons to bring children to use the Rec Center and MBAC for drop-in recreational use any time these facilities are open.  A parent or legal guardian must sign a Liability Waiver for all children under 18 years of age prior to the first use of the facility or programs.

Special policies related to children are in place.  See below.

  • Infants may not be left in carriers while their guardian exercises nearby.
  • Carriages / strollers are not permitted on the track.
  • Children aged 0-13 must have direct and hands-on parental or parental-approved 18+ year old guardian supervision at all times.
  • Children aged 0-4 may be brought into the opposite gender locker room. If you are bringing a child with you who is of the opposite gender and 5+ years old, please use the Family/Assisted locker room located in the pool access hallway.
  • Children may use the spa once they’re tall enough to keep their heads completely out of the water with their feet firmly touching the bottom (not just the bench).
  • Age 0-5 years: For health and safety reasons, children of these ages are not permitted at any time in the weight areas, cardio area, or the sauna.
  • Age 6-11 years: For health and safety reasons, not permitted in weight or cardio areas. Exception: Children of this age who are enrolled in fitness programs are permitted in all areas while under direct supervision of our fitness staff.
  • Age 12-13 years: With proper direct supervision, children of this age are permitted in all areas.   For safety reasons, they may not supervise other children.
  • Age 14 -17 years: Youth in this age range are permitted in all areas without supervision.

Safety and Emergency Response


All Campus Recreation employees who are on-duty in the Rec Center and MBAC during hours of operation are certified with First Aid and Professional Rescuer CPR/AED. In the event of a medical emergency inside theses facility, please notify Rec Center staff immediately and they will assess the patient and determine what medical treatment is needed.


For non-emergency aid such as ice and band aids, please go to the Front Desk. Please also immediately inform Campus Recreation staff of any unsafe condition, suspicious activity, or maintenance/ custodial needs.

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