Full Membership Options

Full Membership Benefits:

  • Use of the New Balance Student Recreation Center and Maine Bound Adventure Center, and open recreation access to the Wallace Pool.
  • A wide selection of free adult group exercise classes
  • Ability to rent a locker at the Rec Center, and/or have a free locker rental at Wallace Pool.
  • Ability to reserve racquetball and tennis courts.
  • Reduced-fee access to any fee-based Group Ex classes, Fitness programs, special events, and services such as personal training, equipment rental, Maine Bound trips / courses, races, and other events
  • Equipment checkout (for basketball, volleyball, racquetball, etc.)
  • Free parking (please refer to Parking and Public Transit Information for details and exceptions).

Full memberships are sold to the Primary Member.  The Primary Member may, for an additional price, add their spouse / domestic partner, and their dependent children (< 25 yrs) all living in the same household.  Please review our Family Policies for details on facility usage by children.

Membership Term and Payment Options:
See our Membership Policies for cancellation fee details. UM Employee/Retiree/Student rate info here.

Perpetual 12-Month 3-Month 30-Day
Primary Member $45/mo  $495  $135 $50
Additional Family Member Aged 6+
(must be legal dependents)
$10/mo each  $110 each  $30 each $10 each
Additional Family Member Aged 0-5
(must be legal dependents)

Perpetual Membership: Designed for long-term members, this membership begins on date of purchase and continues until you cancel it in writing. Pay a prorated rate up front for the remainder of the month, and then future months will be charged to your credit card on the first business day after the 1st of each month. If the charge is declined, your membership will be suspended until the payment is made at the front desk.

12-Month Membership: Valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Buy 11, get 12th month free!

3-Month Membership: Valid for 3 months from date of purchase.

30-Day Membership: Valid for 30 days from date of purchase. Now grants full membership benefits!

Additional Family (AKA “Secondary”) Members: Secondary full memberships must be purchased by the Primary member.  Secondary full members must be added for a minimum period of 3 months, or the remaining duration of the membership, whichever is less, but cannot be added for a period of less than 1 month. Acceptable Secondary pass holders include:

  • Spouse / Domestic Partner as defined by the University of Maine’s health benefits plans. In other words, the primary and secondary adult pass holder must have been in a relationship for at least 6 months and intend to remain so indefinitely, live together, neither one be married to anyone else, share significant financial responsibility for each other, not be related by blood to a degree that would prohibit marriage in the State of Maine, and be jointly responsible for each other’s common welfare.
  • Legal Dependents (aged 0-26 and/or declared dependent children) as defined by the University of Maine. A parent or legal guardian must sign the General Use Liability Waiver for all dependents under 18 years of age, prior to the first use of the facility or programs.

Special Membership Categories: