Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) and Behavioral Health Professionals (BHPs)

Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) and Behavioral Health Professionals (BHPs) may be assigned a no-charge “Assistance Pass” on request, for use when they are visiting with their client. Entry at any other time requires a day pass or paid membership. If you need a PCA or BHP added to your household, please email Kristie Deschesne, Associate Director, with that person’s name and birth date.

See below for more details:

  • The Assistant will be listed under the Client’s household in the membership database. However, he/she will not be included on the Client’s membership.
  • The Assistant may only be on site under this arrangement when the Client is present, and may not themselves participate in recreation and/or fitness activities.
  • Because he/she is an Assistant and not a member, he/she will be ineligible for member discounts or membership privileges such as locker rental or racquetball court reservations.
  • Both the Client and the Assistant must adhere to all CR policies not excepted in this communication.
  • Per Campus Recreation’s Facility Entry policy, the Assistant will be checked into the facility with his/her Photo ID; his/her visit will be recorded under his/her Assistance Pass.
  • If the Client enrolls in a program Campus Recreation, the Assistant would be able to accompany the Client, but solely in the role of Assistant. They would not be able to participate in the program themselves unless they paid the program fee.
  • If the Assistant wants full access to CR facilities, he/she may purchase a membership at the appropriate rate category.