Faculty Advisors

  • Dr. Kathleen Bell

    Environmental Economics, Regional and Community Economic Development, Land Economics, Public Economics, Sustainability Science

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  • Dr. Andrew Crawley

    Regional Economic Development, Economic Impact, Economic Modelling

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  • Dr. Angela Daley

    Applied Microeconomics; Labor Economics; Health Economics; Social Policy

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  • Dr. Keith Evans

    Marine Resource Economics; Applied Econometrics

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  • Dr. Todd Gabe

    Regional and Community Economic Development; Public Finance

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  • Dr. Kelsi Hobbs

    Applied Microeconomics; Public Economics; Urban Economics; Innovation Economics

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  • Dr. Sharon Klein

    Renewable Energy, Sustainable Energy Economics & Policy; Environmental Impacts of Energy, Thermal Energy Storage; Energy Poverty; Multi-Criteria Decision Making; Community Energy

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  • Dr. Jonathan Malacarne

    Agricultural Economics, Development Economics

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  • Dr. Caroline Noblet

    Environmental Behavior and Economic Psychology, Information Processing, Values in Sustainability Science, Food Systems, Environmental Economics, Regional Economic Development

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  • Dr. Jonathan Rubin

    Economics of Energy; light-duty transportation, greenhouse gas emissions and alternative fuel

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  • Dr. Mario Teisl

    Information Policy; Environmental and Health Marketing/Labeling; Valuation Economics;International Environmental Policy; Technology Acceptance

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  • Dr. Timothy Waring

    Sustainability, Cooperation Dynamics, Local Food, Organizational Evolution, Human Culture

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