Angela Daley

Assistant Professor


Office: Winslow 307
Phone: 207.581.3159


Ph.D., Economics, Dalhousie University
Curriculum Vitae
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Research Interests

Health Economics; Labor Economics; Poverty and Inequality; Applied Microeconomics; Social Policy

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Daley, A., Hu, M. and Warman, C. (2019). Language proficiency and immigrants’ economic integration. IZA World of Labor, 469, 1-11.

Hu, M., Daley, A. and Warman, C. (2019). Literacy, numeracy, technology skill, and labour market outcomes among Indigenous peoples in Canada. Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politiques, 45(1), 48-73.

Ziller, E., Lenardson, J., Paluso, N. Talbot, J. and Daley, A. (2019). Rural-urban differences in the decline of adolescent cigarette smoking. American Journal of Public Health, 109(5), 771-773.

Daley, A., Crawley, A., Rahman, M., Demosthenes, J. and Lyons, E. (2018). How well is Maine doing? Comparing well-being across Maine counties. Maine Policy Review, 27(2), 30-37.

Daley, A., Phipps, S. and Branscombe, N. R. (2018). The social complexities of disability: Discrimination, belonging and life satisfaction among Canadian youth. SSM – Population Health, 5, 55-63.

Daley, A. (2017). Income and the mental health of Canadian mothers: Evidence from the Universal Child Care Benefit. SSM – Population Health, 3, 674-683.

Burton, P., Daley, A. and Phipps, S. (2015). The well-being of adolescents in Northern Canada. Child Indicators Research, 8(3), 717-745.

Daley, A., Burton, P. and Phipps, S. (2015). Measuring poverty and inequality in Northern Canada. Journal of Children and Poverty, 21(2), 89-110.

McDonald, J.T. and Sherman, A. (2010). Determinants of mammography use in rural and urban regions of Canada. Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine, 15(2), 52-60.


Principles of Microeconomics; Intermediate Microeconomic Theory; Health Economics