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The Canadian-American Center at the University of Maine is one of the leading institutes for the study of Canada in the United States. Designated as a National Resource Center on Canada by the United States Department of Education in 1979, the Center coordinates an extensive program of undergraduate and graduate Canadian Studies education;  helps support a major research library on Canada;  promotes cross-border research in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and professions;  and directs outreach programs to state, regional, and national audiences. The Canadian-American Center is a founding member of the Northeast National Resource Center on Canada.

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Title card for post "Mackenzie Wilson: UMaine Canadian Student Feature"
The Canadian-American Center is creating an all-new spotlight for students from Canada! Here is our first spotlight with Mackenzie Wilson! If you are a UMaine student from Canada and interested in being featured, contact the Canadian-American Center um.canam@maine.edu or Amy Blanchard amy.i.blanchard@maine.edu. Mackenzie Wilson is a senior with a double major in Kinesiology & Physical […]
Graphic for upcoming Margaret Pearce lecture
On Wednesday, February 7 at 3:00 pm in the IMRC, award-winning cartographer Margaret Pearce will conclude her mini-residency at the University of Maine with a talk about her own research on mapping. As part of her residency, Pearce led student workshops on mapping–for those new to cartography and for students with previous experience in GIS. Pearce’s talk, titled […]
Title card reading "What is the Imagined North? Ethical Principles. Dr. Daniel Chartier Lecture"
Please join us in welcoming Dr. Daniel Chartier for his lecture, “What is the Imagined North?” Daniel Chartier is a professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), and director of the International Laboratory for Research on Images of the North, Winter and the Arctic. His lecture will focus on the many images, ideas, […]
University of Maine undergraduate students Lauren Poulin and Michael Sabol are both Killam Fellows for Fall 2023. The Killam Fellowships Program provides undergraduate students in Canada and the U.S. with opportunities to spend a semester or full academic year in the other country as exchange students. Recipients like Poulin and Sabol receive $5,000 per semester, […]
Professor of geography and Canadian Studies and former director of the Canadian-American Center Dr. Stephen Hornsby recently received the prestigious Donner medal for distinguished achievement, scholarship, and program innovation in the area of Canadian Studies in the United States. The award was presented to Dr. Hornsby on November 17, 2023 in Washington, D.C., during the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States Conference […]
Concordia’s Reckoning With the Pasts of Its Founding Institutions A University of Maine alumnus, Professor Graham Carr is president and vice-chancellor of Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. A historian by training and a long-time leader in higher education in Canada, Carr returns to his alma mater to explore the role universities can and should play […]