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Why Economics?

An economics degree can lead you anywhere! Of course economics prepares you for business, government, finance, and banking, but a degree in economics can also lead to many other interesting careers. Watch this 9-minute video to see how economics can be a tool for solving social problems.

Economics is also a profitable degree. According to Kiplinger, economics is the 4th best college major to build a career. No wonder with a profile that looks like this:

Starting salary: $51,400                                                   Mid-career salary: $97,700
Annual online job postings: 799,117                           Projected 10-year job growth: 15.3%

Why UMaine?

School of Economics – Highlights

  • Student faculty ratio of 9/1 – similar to most liberal arts colleges;
  • Average class size of 25 students (not including intro courses);
  • Student research experiences  – almost 20 undergrads hired as teaching and research assistants;
  • Over $125,000 in scholarships awarded by SOE each year (in addition to university and college awards);
  • Award-winning faculty
  • Award-winning students