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Welcome to the School of Economics

Why Economics?

An economics degree can lead you anywhere! Of course economics prepares you for business, government, finance, and banking, but a degree in economics can also lead to many other interesting careers. Watch these videos to see how economics can be an incredibly powerful  tool for analyzing social problems and in designing solutions. 9-minute video, 2-minute video, 1-minute video, 4-minute video,

Economics is also a profitable degree. According to Kiplinger, economics is the 4th best college major to build a career. No wonder with a profile that looks like this:

Starting salary: $51,400                                                   Mid-career salary: $97,700
Annual online job postings: 799,117                           Projected 10-year job growth: 15.3%

Why UMaine?

Listen what our students say! Kyle Franklin, Elyse Doyle, Ethan Trembley

School of Economics – Highlights

  • Student faculty ratio of 9/1 – similar to most liberal arts colleges;
  • Average class size of 25 students (not including intro courses);
  • Almost 20 undergrads hired as teaching and research assistants;
  • The School awards over $135,000 in scholarships each year (this is in addition to university and college awards);
  • Increased undergrad research; new courses to increase students’ research skills;
  • $6.5 million in research funding;
  • 30 journal articles published;
  • Increased undergrad (e.g., Island Institute) and graduate (e.g., Acadia Hospital, Symphony Health Solutions) internships;
  • Two New Assistant Professors: Health Economist, Regional Economic Development
  • Faculty recognized with leadership and service awards;
  • Students win several research and institute awards;
  • Over 20 economic or industry development projects (e.g., energy, dairy, tourism);
  • Research assistance to 15 municipalities and regions in Maine;
  • SOE faculty interviewed or cited in Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe,  European Commission News Service, Huffington Post, WalletHub, Washington Times, Associated Press, China Daily USA, Maine Public Radio, WABI-TV, WVOM, MaineBiz, Bangor Daily News.

The School of Economics

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University of Maine’s return on investment:

ranked #2 in Maine and in top 28% in the US