Director’s Welcome

Welcome to the School of Economics–the hub of economics and policy research at UMaine.

Our 23 faculty members are mostly economists; however, we differ from other economics programs in our embrace of interdisciplinary research, teaching and public service. As a result, our faculty also consists of an environmental lawyer, a social psychologist, and a human-ecologist.

We also cooperate with faculty from a variety of other disciplines, including environmental sciences, engineering and psychology, as well as with key stakeholders in the private-public sector in order to generate needed research and analysis helpful in solving complex problems.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs encourage students to think analytically and critically about social, environmental, and economic issues, and provides a solid foundation for further study and careers in economics, law, public service, business, and applied policy fields.

Our conviction is that economics is a powerful tool for understanding society, and flexible enough to allow integration of other disciplines to design policies that solve real-world problems.

Explore our website to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Timothy Waring, the Undergraduate Programs Coordinator, Travis Blackmer, or myself if you are interested in learning more about our academic programs.


Todd Gabe

Dr. Todd Gabe
Director, School of Economics
Office: 206 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207.581.3307
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