Caroline L. Noblet

Caroline Noblet

Office: 305 Winslow
Phone: 207.581.3172

Curriculum Vitae


Associate Professor

Ph.D. Economic Psychology, University of Maine, 2012

M.S. Resource Economics and Policy, University of Maine, 2005

B.A. Economics and Environmental Science, Boston College, 1999


Research Areas and Interests

Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Information Processing (eco-labels, message framing, etc.), Environmental Economics and Behavior, Sustainability Science

My research interest is in behavioral/ experimental environmental economics with a particular focus on how people process and utilize information.  I am currently working on projects that examine the role of risk perceptions, choice architecture, valuation of the environment and environmental motivation in natural resource decision making.  I enjoy the opportunity to engage with decision-makers on research and am pleased to be able to conduct work in my home state of Maine.

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Curriculum Vitae Spring 2018


Teaching and Mentoring 

I teach courses in behavioral and experimental economics, and environmental economics (see syllabi below). In my courses I focus on developing skill sets from the theories and applications associated with these fields, and how they can be applied to policy -relevant issues.

I am proud to have been awarded the 2016 Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award for the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture; the 2012 Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award, College of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture and the 2011 Professor of the Year Award from Sigma Phi Epsilon.


Fall 2020

  • ECO 377 Environmental Economics (note new name! course material mostly remains, but some changes to compliment ECO 477)
  • ECO 120 Principles of Microeconomics

Fall 2019

  • ECO 404/504 Behavioral and Experimental Economics
  • ECO 377 Introduction to Environmental and Natural Resource Economics


Select Recent Publications

  • 2020 – (in press)  Economic valuation as a communication device for environmental philanthropy: Evidence from the lab and field. Land Economics. -with colleague Sandra H. Goff (Skidmore College) and former Graduate student J. Ross Anthony
  • 2018 – Assessing Consumer Preferences for Seafood Labels: Consumer Preferences for Seafood Attributes of Wild Harvested and Farm-Raised Products’. Aquaculture Economics and Management – with former Graduate Student Christian Brayden, and colleagues Keith S. Evans and Laura Rickard
  • 2017-Does one good turn deserve another? : Evidence of domain specific licensing in energy behavior. Environment and Behavior. – with colleague Shannon K. McCoy
    • Featured publication of September 2017 SCORAI Newsletter (Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative)
  • 2017-Does Pricing Nature Reduce Support for Conservation?: Evidence from Donation Behavior in an Online Experiment. Ecological Economics – with colleagues Sandra H. Goff (Skidmore College) and Timothy M. Waring
  • 2017-Public acceptance of coastal zone management efforts[1]:  The role of citizen preferences in allocation of funds. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review – with colleagues Keith S. Evans and Kathleen P. Bell and former graduate students Emma L. Fox and Abigail Kaminski
  • 2015-Public Preferences for Investments in Renewable Energy Production and Energy Efficiency. Energy Policy – with colleagues Mario F. Teisl, Keith S. Evans, Mark W. Anderson, Shannon K. McCoy and stakeholder Ed Cervone
  • 2015-Thinking Past, Thinking Future: An Empirical Test of the Effects of Retrospective Assessment on Future Preferences. Ecological Economics – with colleagues Mario F. Teisl, and Mark W. Anderson


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Current Graduate Students

  • J. Ross Anthony, 2nd year MS student in Resource Economics and Policy
  • Olga Bredikhina, 1st year MS student in Resource Economics and Policy
  • Amy Bainbridge, 1st year MS student in Resource Economics and Policy
  • Allyson Eslin, dual degree MS in Resource Economics and Policy & School for Policy and International Affairs

Former Graduate Students

  • Emma Fox – currently Ph.D. student in Ecology and Environmental Sciences, University of Maine
  • W. Christian Brayden – Project Manager, Maine Aquaculture Association
  • Chelsea Liddell

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