The University of Maine’s Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning strives to support the instructional needs of all University faculty. Please explore this website for guides and resources as well as our workshop and event calendar. You will find contact information for our Instructional Design and Development services and Faculty Technology Services. Or come visit us on the first and second floors of Fernald Hall.

Let’s collaborate!

Video & Animation Opportunities

CITL Instructional Designers will work with faculty to plan and create a wide range of videos! Learn more.

Our professional instructional designers are here to bring your vision to life, blending your content area expertise with the latest in technology and innovative instructional tools, creating a rich educational experience that meets the needs of today’s students.

Here are a few samples of the types of videos that have been created by our instructional design team:






On Location

CITL by the numbers

As of January 2024, CITL has 10 staff members.

Prior to UMaine, we have attended or worked at 36 colleges and universities.

We have worked in higher education for a total of 154 years, 109 of which have been at UMaine. 

Collectively, we have 3 PhDs, 4 MFAs, and 1 MEd. We earned 11 degrees at UMaine.

 Our degrees and college teaching span 25 disciplines or combinations of disciplines.  

Current CITL staff have taught 121 UMaine class sections. We have taken 315.

3 of us were born outside of the United States and our first language is not English. 

7 out of the 10 of us have lived or studied in a country other than the US.

6 of our spouses are or have been affiliated with UMaine.

We have 11 children, 12 cats, and 8 dogs. All of the dogs are rescues and all of the children are above average (the cats refused to participate in this effort).

Learn more about us in the Who We Are section.