Video & Animation

Here at CITL, we use a wide variety of tools and techniques to create video content for UMaine courses. We work closely with the instructor to design content that delivers the information in an effective, accessible and flexible way. On this page, you will find a number of different videos we have produced in the ID Studio, including instructor narratives, lightboards, motion graphics, and animations.

LiDAR Part 1

This video was created in collaboration with Prof. Dan Hayes as part of a series of content modules for his Remote Sensing of the Forest Environment course. These videos are designed to replace the in-class lectures, freeing up class time for hands-on activities in the computer lab or the forest adjacent to campus.


A Tour of the Littlefield Garden

We created this video while working with Prof. Stephanie Burnett to create content for an online version of Introduction to Horticulture. This tour of UMaine’s Littlefield Garden was designed to show the garden to students who were unable to visit it in person during the spring and summer months. This video makes use of footage and audio captured in CITL’s greenscreen studio and combines drone footage with images and video from the Littlefield Garden.


Sending Data to Your Computer

We created this video as part of a set of tutorials for Prof. Sofian Audry’s New Media class. In this video, we paired footage from our studio lightboard with images of the Arduino components and screen recordings from the software. This coupling provided a way for students to obtain critical information from the instructor about the intricacies of programming, and it also gave them detailed code so they could follow along and program their own Arduino outside of class.


The Electoral College: How it Works

This is an excerpt from a video we created for Prof. Rich Powell’s course on American Government. We used a whiteboard animation technique to illustrate how the Electoral College works.