RLE Support

CITL is available throughout the year to help faculty teaching Research Learning Experiences (RLEs). We can help with visioning and designing RLE courses in alignment with the RLE program outcomes and disciplinary goals. 

Here are some of the questions we can help you explore:

  • How do I generate learning outcomes for my RLE?
  • How (and to what extent) do I align my course-level student learning outcomes with the RLE program learning outcomes (PLOs) (opens in Google Doc)?
  • What types of learning activities and experiences will provide opportunities for students to achieve my set learning outcomes?
  • What type of assessment will be best for my course? 
  • What are the RLE Faculty Responsibilities?
  • What tools are available (e.g., ArcGIS Online, the Hackerspace, etc…)?
Individualized Consultations

Faculty at any time can request individualized consultations to help you think through your RLE.