Developing Course Materials

Content samples

CITL’s Instructional Design Studio provides UMaine instructors with a full suite of options for creating course content and assignments. 

  • Do you need to record lecture content to make more time available in class for hands-on or active learning with your students?
  • Do you need to create assessments that reflect what the students will need to do in real world situations?
  • Do you need to record sample problems for students to view as an on demand review session?
  • Do you need to share expertise from a guest speaker with your students, but the guest is not available during class time?
  • Do you need to develop interactive maps or data visualizations so that students can explore the information for themselves? 

Whatever you may need, we can work with you to create targeted, accessible and effective content for your courses. Request a consult with Instructional Design.

Here are a few samples of content that we’ve created for instructors. If you’d like to discuss how we may help you create content, please request a consultation and we’ll reach out at your convenience.