Graduate Prerequisites and Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites?

All students are required to complete the following prerequisites before entering our graduate programs:

  • Intermediate microeconomic theory (equivalent to UMaine’s ECO 420);
  • Statistics (equivalent to UMaine’s MAT 215 or 232);
  • Calculus (equivalent to UMaine’s MAT 126).

In addition, for the M.A. in Economics and Financial Economics, applicants are required to have completed Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (equivalent to UMaine’s ECO 321). Students applying to the Financial Economics program are also required to have completed basic courses in accounting and business finance.

What are the minimum scores for the GRE?

We require GRE scores. The average GRE scores are Verbal = 162; Quantitative = 159.

What are the minimum scores for TOEFL and IELTS?

For admission, the School requires TOEFL scores to be above 92, 237 or 580 (on the internet, computer or paper-based exams, respectively); to obtain an assistantship the scores should be above 98, 247 or 597.  Roughly equivalent scores on the IELTS exam would be about 6.9 for admission and 7.6 for assistantship.  If your scores are lower then you may be admitted on the condition you successfully complete the two 4-week summer sessions run by the Intensive English Institute.   TOEFL/IELTS scores may be waived if the applicant has attended a U.S. college or university for a period of at least four years or has earned a degree from a U.S. university or college.​  ​

What is the deadline for applications or for assistantships?​

We have a rolling admissions policy; prospective students can apply up until a month before the start of the semester.  However, we make assistantship offers at the end of February for the Fall semester so you want you application complete before the middle of February.

Can I pursue a PhD in Economics?

We do not have a PhD program in Economics; however we do support students interested in interdisciplinary degrees, like the I-PhD (Interdisciplinary PhD) or the EES PhD (Ecology and Environmental Sciences PhD).  The I-PhD allows students to develop skills in two non-environmental areas (e.g., recently several graduates have combined Economics with Psychology – they graduated with an I-PhD in either Economic Psychology or Behavioral Economics).  With the EES PhD, students with an environmental background can combine environmental science with economics and policy coursework; allowing them to excel in environmental policy and management careers.

Start your application!

Interested students must apply to the University of Maine’s Graduate School online system.

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