Andrew Crawley

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Ph.D.,              Economics                                  University of Glamorgan
PGDIP/ MS     Economics                                   Exeter University
B.S., Hons      Business and Economics          University of Glamorgan


Dr Crawley is a regional economist who’s research broadly splits into two areas, regional economic policy analysis and economic modeling.  In regional policy Dr Crawley have sought to analyze and critique regional development strategies across different nations. As an economic modeler he specializes in Input Output (IO) and Econometric IO as well as forecast and indicator models. In 2018 Dr Crawley founded the Maine Regional Economic Forecast Lab that focuses on developing and monitoring new indicators for the states economy.


Regional Economic Forecast Lab

Andrew Crawley CV June 2021

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Research Interests

Regional Economic Development, Economic Impact, Economic Modeling, Labor Market Dynamics


Recent Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

Crawley, A., Munday, M., Delbridge, R. (2020) Selling the Region: The Problems of a Multi_Agency Approach in Promoting Regional Economies. Regional Science Policy and Practice

Crawley, A., Hallowell, A. (2020) Smart Specialization: Insights from the North American Periphery. Regional Studies

Crawley, A., Welch, S. (2020) Do High Levels of US Employment Reduce Labor Matching Efficiency? Applied Economic Letters

Crawley, A., Munday, M., Roberts, A (2019) How serious is a devolved data deficit? A Welsh perspective. Local Economy

Daley, A., Crawley, A., Rahman, M., Demosthenes, J., Lyons, E (2019) How Well is Maine Doing? Comparing Well-Being Across Maine Counties. Maine Policy Review

Crawley, A., Munday, M. (2017) Priority sectors in city regions? Some issues from a study of the Cardiff Capital Region. Local Economy 32 (6), 576–589

Isenhour, C, Crawley, A., Berry, B. and Bonnet, J. (2017) Maine’s Culture of Reuse and Its Potential to Advance Environmental and Economic Policy Objective. Maine Policy Review 26(1):36-46.

Beynon, M., Crawley, A. Munday, M. (2016) A new Index of Economic Rurality using constellation graphs and factor analysis, Environment and Planning B,

Crawley, A., (2014) The Relationship Between Commuting Time and Workers’ Utility, Applied Economic Letters, DOI:10.1080/13504851.2014.922663

Crawley, A., (2014) Estimation vs Calibration a Theoretical Exploration for Econometric IO and CGE analysis, Working Paper Series University of Illinois, REAL 354

Crawley, A., Beynon, M., Munday, M. (2013) Making Location Quotients More Relevant as a Policy Aid in Regional Spatial Analysis, Urban Studies  Vol 50 (16)

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Crawley, A., and Hill, S (2006) The Spatial Geography of South Wales Manufacturing Industry. Regional Studies: Global Regions ISBN No. 1 897721 30

Working Papers

Crawley, A., Welch, S., Yung, J. (2020) Improving Estimates of Job Matching Efficiency with Measures of Underemployment. 

Crawley, A., Hallowell, A., Figueroa-Armijos, A. (2020) Labor Market Conditions and Female Entrepreneurship: The Rural-Urban Divide

Crawley, A., Hewings, G.  (2019) Enhancing our understanding of a regional economy: The complementarity  of CGE and EIO Models

Crawley, A., Welch, S (2020) Forecasting US recessions from Labor Market Tightness a dynamic probit approach


ECO -121 Introduction to Macroeconomics

ECO -220 Freakonomics

ECO -290 Introduction to Growth and Development

ECO 427/527 Regional Economics: Modeling

ECO 511 Macroeconomic Theory