Application Process

Prospective graduate students must submit their application to the School of Economics through the University of Maine’s Graduate School. Applications are processed as soon as they are complete. A complete application includes the application form, official transcripts of all undergraduate grades, required test scores (including English proficiency for international students), three letters of recommendation, and the application fee. You must click submit for the application to be sent to us for review.

Application Timing

We strongly encourage students to start their studies in the Fall semester due to course sequencing, but applications are reviewed for Spring enrollment as well under special circumstances. There are no deadlines for applications, but those seeking admission are encouraged to submit their applications well in advance of the semester in which they wish to begin graduate work. Early application is especially important for those who want to be considered for a Graduate Assistantship or tuition waiver.

In order to be considered for funding, complete application materials should be submitted by January 15 for Fall semester admission and by November 1 for Spring semester admission (although typically we do not have funding for a Spring semester start)

International Applications

The School of Economics has graduate students from all over the world, and welcomes applications outside the United States. The international application process is often long and involved, so international students are urged to begin the application process very early. Detailed application information for international students, can be found at the Graduate School. Applicants from non-English speaking countries must furnish proof of their proficiency in English. See our Admission Requirements page for more information.

Health insurance. Health insurance is required of all international students and dependents residing in the U.S. Health insurance may be purchased through the University. Students with comparable insurance coverage must provide proof of acceptable coverage.

Sufficient funds. If an international student is admitted to a graduate program, he or she must show proof of sufficient funds to meet all expenses while studying in the United States. International students who are awarded Graduate Assistantships will meet this test through the funds they are paid for their assistantship.

Types of Admission

(1) Regular admission: Granted to a student whose academic records and supporting documents indicate that they are fully qualified to undertake graduate study.

(2) Provisional admission: Granted to a student who does not have all the prerequisites for admission to graduate study, but has a record that clearly indicates the student is otherwise prepared to undertake graduate study. Prerequisite courses, listed on our Admission Requirements page, must be completed prior to starting their graduate program.

(3) Conditional admission: Granted to a student whose academic record indicates deficiencies but suggests some promise of success in graduate study. Students on conditional status must earn grades of “A” or “B” in their first nine hours of graduate credit in order to continue graduate study. Students admitted on a conditional basis are not eligible for an Assistantship until their status changes.