Graduate Assistantships

Funding from assistantships and scholarships are available to top-performing students. Nine-and-twelve month graduate assistantships and scholarships are available on a competitive basis. Graduate assistantships (GA) provide funding support to cover stipends, tuition costs, and subsidized health insurance coverage.

To apply for a standard GA please check the appropriate box on the graduate school application. No other action is required to be considered for a GA.

Additional funds are provided to students on a competitive basis to cover research expenses and travel to present research at professional conferences. Further funding for travel and research expenses is also available through the Grant Program at the Graduate Student Government.

Students receiving standard GA appointments perform teaching and research tasks. This may involve serving as a teaching assistant (TA) for an undergraduate course or acting as a research assistant (RA) on a faculty member’s funded research project.

Students are given clear expectations about their responsibilities and are expected, on average, to work 20 hours per week. When assigning assistantships, effort is taken to match the student’s interests and background with the research and teaching needs of the school’s faculty.

In addition to school RA and TA positions, SOE faculty often secure external research grants that support RA positions.  Please contact SOE graduate faculty, who share your research interests, to inquire about RA openings they may have.