Tommy Wiesen

Office: Winslow 207C

Phone: 207.581.3164



Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, University of Georgia, 2019.
Master of Science in Statistics, Florida State University, 2014.
Bachelor of Science in Economics, Northern Illinois University, 2012.

Fields: macroeconomics, time series analysis, econometric methods, and financial economics

Research interests: My research focuses on the econometric techniques and applications of financial and macroeconomic market integration (also known as connectedness).  This research has implications for measuring economic spillovers, quantifying risks, allocating asset portfolios, and monitoring contagions in financial crises.  Measuring market integration is important to understanding our increasingly connected and globalized economy.  This research often involves the development of novel time series econometric methods.

Teaching: I teach Time Series Econometrics, Financial Economics, Money & Banking, and Principles of Macroeconomics.  I encourage my students to think like economists and develop a deep understanding of the quantitative tools used in economic analysis.

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