B.S. Degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition

The B.S. degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition has three concentrations and prepares students for a variety of different careers.  The Food Science concentration focuses on food product development (the creation of new food products or food ingredients), food safety (understanding and preventing foodborne illness), sensory evaluation (taste testing foods for their quality and likeability), and food analysis (measuring food composition and quality).  There are many employment opportunities in food companies and government agencies.  The concentration in Human Nutrition and Dietetics (also known as the Didactic Program in Nutrition and Dietetics – DP) provides undergraduate preparation for students who wish to become registered dietitians and prepares students to pursue a broad range of careers in nutrition or to continue with graduate studies.  The Food Management concentration provides a unique combination of food and business to prepare students for a wide variety of career opportunities, including employment in restaurants, hospitals, and school food service departments, as well as airline catering. Companies that produce foods, food ingredients, or processing equipment seek students who specialize in food management.

Students in the FSN degree program have access to a number of facilities for academic and research purposes, including space and equipment in the Chemical Food Safety Laboratory, the Sensory Evaluation Center, the Mary Lynch Nutrition Laboratory, and the Dr. Matthew Highlands Food Pilot Plant.

For more information contact the Program Coordinator:  Eileen Molloy (207.581.3121, eileen.molloy@maine.edu)

Food Science concentration

Human Nutrition and Dietetics concentration

Food Management concentration

premed + Food Science concentration

premed + Human Nutrition and Dietetics concentration 

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Faculty associated with this program are:

Beth Calder, Associate Extension Professor
Mary Ellen Camire, Professor
Dorothy Klimis-Zacas, Professor
Eileen Molloy, Lecturer, Director of the Didactic Program
Jade McNamara, Assistant Professor
Brian Perkins, Research Assistant Professor
Jennifer Perry, Assistant Professor
Denise I. Skonberg, Associate Professor
Susan S. Sullivan, Associate Director in the School of Food and Agriculture
Mona Therrien, Lecturer, Dietetic Internship Director
Kate Yerxa, Associate Extension Professor