Kate Yerxa

Extension Professor, EFNEP CoordinatorYerxa

Degree: M.S., RD 2003,  University of Maine
Phone: 207.581.3109
Email: kate.yerxa@maine.edu
Location: York Complex #1

Professional Interests: Community nutrition; implementation and evaluation of educational programs designed for limited-income, food insecure populations; breastfeeding promotion and education

Teaching: FSN 301 Life Cycle Nutrition

Research: Evaluation of direct education obesity prevention interventions and implementation and evaluation of policy, systems, and environmental change interventions to support healthy eating and physical activity behaviors.

Recent Publications:

Auld G, Baker S, Hernandez-Garbanzo Y, Infante N, Inglis-Widrick R, Procter SB, Yerxa K. The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program’s Impact on Graduates’ Quality of Life. J Nutr Educ Behav. 2018; https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jneb.2018.07.021.

Mellette T, Yerxa K, Therrien, Camire ME. Whole Grain Muffin Acceptance by Young Adults. Foods. 2018; 7(9). doi:10.3390/foods7060091.

Auld G, Baker D, Infante N, Inglis-Widrick R, Procter SB, Steger MF, Yerxa K. EFNEP’s Impact on Exemplary Educator’s Quality of Life. J Nutr Educ Behav. 2016; 48: 647-654.

Peronto M, Yerxa K. Eat Well Volunteers Program Takes Feeding the Hungry to a New Level. Journal of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents. 2016;9(1). Available at: http://www.nacaa.com/journal/.

Koszewski, W.M.; Hlavacek, M.; Yerxa, K.; Proctor, S.B.; Auld, G.; Baker, S.; Misner, S. 2014. Positive quality of life factors identified from EFNEP participant stories. J. Extension 52(4).

Majka, A.; Fairman, J.; Yerxa, K. 2013. Policy changes for a nutrition education program in Maine: issues and implications. Maine Policy Review 22:55-63.

Majka, A.; Calder, B.; Conroy, J.; Kirkland, L.; Reimer, N.; Yerxa, K. 2010. Using an email group to quickly respond to consumer questions about nutrition, food safety and food preservation. J. Extension 49(3).