Qing Jin

Assistant Professor of Food Science

Degree: Ph.D. 2020, Virginia Tech
Phone: 207-581-1687
Email: qing.jin@maine.edu
Office Location: 109 Hitchner Hall

Dr. Jin currently has undergraduate and graduate assistantship openings. Please email her for further information if you are interested.

Professional Interests: Food- and bio-processing; food waste/by-product valorization; bioproducts; food packaging; food preservation; techno-economic analysis.

Teaching: FSN 485 Introduction to Food Engineering Principles, FSN 486 Food Engineering Lab, FSN 502 Food Preservation, AVS 633/FSN 671 Advanced Graduate Seminar

Research:My research program is focusing on developing economically viable and environmentally friendly food- and bio-processing technologies to produce food ingredients, functional materials, and bio-based chemicals from agricultural and food raw materials and wastes. Our goal is to enhance sustainable agriculture and food systems by developing innovative solutions. Specific research interests include integrated processing design for generation of value-added bioproducts (e.g., dietary fiber, polysaccharides, and biofuels); application of bioproducts in sustainable food systems (e.g., food packaging, food preservation, and soil amendments); systematic processing evaluation through techno-economic analysis.

Recent Publications:

Jin, Q., Feng, Y., Cabana-Puig, X., Chau, T.N., Difulvio, R., Yu, D., Hu, A., Li, S., Luo, X.M., Ogejo, J., Lin, F., and Huang, H., 2024. Combined dilute alkali and milling process enhances the functionality and gut microbiota fermentability of insoluble corn fiber. Food Chemistry, p.138815.

Su, X., Jin, Q., Xu, Y., Wang, H. and Huang, H., 2024. Subcritical water treatment to modify insoluble dietary fibers from brewer’s spent grain for improved functionality and gut fermentability. Food Chemistry, 435, p.137654.

Jin, Q., Tao, L., Feng, Y., Xia, D., Spiering, G.A., Hu, A., Moore, R., Lin, F. and Huang, H., 2022. Agricultural wastes for full-cell sodium-ion batteries: engineering biomass components to maximize the performance and economic prospects. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering11, pp.536-546.

Lobeda, K., Jin, Q., Wu, J., Zhang, W. and Huang, H., 2022. Lactic acid production from food waste hydrolysate by Lactobacillus pentosus: Focus on nitrogen supplementation, initial sugar concentration, pH, and fed‐batch fermentation. Journal of Food Science, pp.1-13.

Jin, Q., O’Keefe, S.F., Stewart, A.C., Neilson, A.P., Kim, Y.T. and Huang, H., 2021. Techno-economic analysis of a grape pomace biorefinery: Production of seed oil, polyphenols, and biochar. Food and Bioproducts Processing, 127, pp.139-151.

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Jin, Q., Yang, J., Ma, L., Wen, D., Chen, F. and Li, J., 2017. Identification of polyphenols in mulberry (genus Morus) cultivars by liquid chromatography with time-of-flight mass spectrometer. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 63, pp.55-64.