Mary Ellen Camire, CFS

Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Degree: Ph. D. 1989, Texas Woman’s UnCamireiversity
Phone: 207.581.1627
Location: 105 Hitchner Hall


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Professional Interests: Development, evaluation, and consumer acceptance of healthful foods; nutrition education and behavior; dietary fiber; satiety; sensory evaluation

Teaching: FSN 230 Nutritional and Medical Terminology, FSN 501 Advanced Human Nutrition, FSN 508 Nutrition and Aging,  FSN 524 Responsible Design, Conduct, and Analysis of Research, FSN 530 Integrative and Functional Nutrition, FSN 585/586 Sensory Evaluation  I/ll, FSN 603 Nutrients Changes in the Food System


My research spans the fields of food technology and human nutrition, including how processing changes nutrients and antioxidants in foods; ingredients and processing techniques to make foods more healthful and satisfying; and assessing consumer reactions to new crops and aquaculture products. I am engaged in promoting consumption of healthful food products and development of sustainable food production. I manage the University of Maine Sensory Evaluation Center and study consumer attitudes to many Maine commodities such as aquacultured foods including seaweed, potatoes, berries, grains and beverages. I have a strong interest in improving the nutritional status of older adults and disadvantaged individuals. My lab group is also a participant in the validation of international dietary fiber and antioxidant analytical methods.

Recent Publications:

Johnson, A.M., Porter, G., & Camire, M.E. 2019.  Low-acrylamide french fry acceptance: a pilot study.  Journal of Food Science.

Pandya, J., DeBonee, M., Corradini, M., Camire, M., McClements, D., & Kinchla, A. 2019.  Development of vitamin E enriched functional foods: stability of tocotrienols in food systems.  Internation Journal of Food Science and Technology, 84 (12):  3196-3204.

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