Wild Blueberry Heritage Center

Innovative museum celebrates the wild blueberry

Cherished for its myriad health benefits and cultivated by both Native and Maine farmers, the wild blueberry is an unequaled superfood. A team led by Joline Blais, New Media professor and president of the Wild Blueberry Heritage Center, has launched a first-of-its-kind museum to celebrate this distinct fruit and its growers.

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Aubree Nygaard with SCIS Director Penny Rheingans and Philosophy professor Kirsten Jacobson

SCIS students win several top college honors

The 2021-22 academic year saw another record of extraordinary undergraduate achievement in the School of Computing and Information Science. Our students won six university-wide research awards as well as Outstanding Senior in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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Joline Blais and Stephanie Burnett in the Roger Clapp Greenhouse

Stillwater Ripple Links Students with Community Partners

StillWater Ripple Organizations working to make a better world may soon get help from students with design and technical skills, thanks to a new initiative from Still Water, a lab at the University of Maine dedicated to studying and building creative networks, Crises like climate change and the pandemic require smart and creative people, yet […]

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New Media major Jake Hotaling wins prestigious film awards

Dragonfly Boy, a film by Jake Hotaling, has won three Awards of Merit from IndieFEST, a San Francisco-based organization whose judges are highly qualified professionals in the film and television industry. In winning an IndieFEST award, this New Media Major joins the ranks of other high-profile winners of this internationally respected award, including Liam Neeson, […]

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P5js Aquarium Simulation

Faculty, grad student share techniques for making coding easier for everyone

A New Media teaching assistant and professor team up to make programming more appealing to women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups in Inclusive Techniques for Teaching Code. This presentation for teachers in the US northeast is part of Project Login’s first-ever CS Summer of Fun in conjunction with the CS Summer Institute.

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Knowledge Bites webinar on New Media careers

“Knowledge Bites” webinars offer digital skill-building, career advice

Following the success of New Media’s December “Knowledge Bites” webinar on coding a mobile app, this webinar tackles a topic requested by three-quarters of respondents to our recent poll: how to find and get jobs that make creative use of digital media and computing. The presenters will be recent graduates of the University of Maine’s […]

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New Media seniors win seven university research awards

New Media seniors have been honored with a record-setting seven university awards for 2020-2021. The creative approaches recognized by these prestigious fellowships include apps, games, and an installation designed to help students cope with the anxieties of contemporary life, especially under a global pandemic.

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Arthur Hubbard

Arthur Hubbard is a fourth year New Media major with two minors in Studio Arts and Graphic Design. He considers himself a very curious person who loves to learn– namely digital and traditional art, UX design, illustration, printmaking, web design, and graphic design. In his free time he enjoys learning about prehistoric creatures, tending his […]

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Colin Ingalls

Colin Ingalls discovered New Media at the University of Maine after leaving high school uncertain about what he was going to do with his future. As both a tinkerer and a maker, Colin was always seeking a new skill to develop or a new project to tackle. The New Media program presented an opportunity for […]

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Austin Morin

Austin Morin is a fourth-year New Media major and Marketing minor with a passion for digital marketing and design. Austin is in a Fraternity on campus, which he spends most of his time and work creating digital marketing assets and apparel for. In his free time he also plays club lacrosse for the school and […]

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Will Robertson

Will is a senior New Media major and Electrical Engineering minor from the Class of 2020. In his time in the New Media program he became interested in design; focusing on how projects can best be built to suit the user’s needs. He has many hobbies, such as gaming, art, and music, and enjoys thinking […]

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Andrew Gardner

As I initially sat down with Andrew, I noticed how carefully he placed down his laptop and his project. The simple action showed how much work he put into it and how much he valued it. I could tell by the wires the breadboard attached to it,  and the many lines of code that it […]

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Austin Thibeau

Most afternoons, Austin Thibeau can be found sitting in the IMRC working on homework or his capstone project, and researching recipes he could make at home and add to his virtual cookbook. Inspired by his interests in graphic design and baking, Austin is creating an engaging capstone focusing on a 3D modeled cookbook design featuring […]

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Tate Yoder

Tate Yoder is a senior in the New Media program with specific interests in being able to create visual content, whether that’s photography, videography, or graphics. Right from the get-go, he wanted to use those to create a skillset that he could bring to a variety of jobs, whether that’s in the film industry or […]

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Tanner Matteson

When a student like Tanner says they are studying New Media, they could be talking about a multitude of things. New Media is not as specific or easily grasped as, say history or mathematics. While these degrees also have multiple aspects to them, New Media separates itself from other degrees by allowing more freedom of […]

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night sky spiral

Matthew Marchewka

Wearing only a shirt in the cold but sunny March day, Matthew Marchewka can be classified as a typical Mainer. However, Matthew has Polish roots and was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He chose UMaine because he has relatives in Maine and also saw it as an opportunity to get away from his hometown. […]

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animated short title

Bruce Wilson

On a Thursday afternoon in the University’s Still-Water lab in Boardman hall you can find Bruce Wilson, twenty-one year old senior student and New Media Major, hard at work on his capstone project. The project? An unnamed short animation, set in a post apocalyptic world revolving around the struggle for survival of an unlikely duo […]

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