Chrstine Beitl
Sustainability Science, Human Ecology, Environmental and Economic Anthropology, Human Dimensions of Environmental Change, Latin America, and Gulf of Maine

Sam Hanes
World Geography, Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management

Stephen Hornsby
Historical Geography

Cindy Isenhour
Economic & Environmental Anthropology, Political Ecology, Energy, Consumption, US, Central America, China, and Scandinavia

Henry Munson
Comparative Study of Religion, Politics and Religion

Lisa Neuman
Sex and Gender in Cross-cultural Perspective, and Native American Studies

Darren Ranco
Indigenous communities, Environmental Studies

Paul “Jim” Roscoe
Anthropology of War, Human dimensions of Climate Change, New Guinea

Daniel Sandweiss
Archeology, Latin America

Gregory Zaro
Human Environmental Interaction, Mesoamerica and South America, Eastern Adriatic

Canadian Studies

George Criner
Economics and Resource Economics

Howard Cody
Canadian Politics, Foreign Policy, and Foreign Policy

Jacques Ferland
Pre-Confederation Canadian History

Stephen Hornsby
Geography of Canada

Karen Linehan
Canadian and American Painting, circa 1850-1950

Margaret Lukens
First Nations Literature and Theatre

Mark J. McLaughlin
Canadian Studies, History of Resource Management

Kenneth Norris
Canadian Literature

Susan Pinette
Franco-American Studies, Transnational Migration, Ethnic Identity (Language and Literature)

Kathryn Slott
Quebec Theatre and Poetry

Jane Smith
Linguistics and North American French Dialects


James Breece
Macroeconomics, International trade, Forecasting

Keith S. Evans
Learning, Information Sharing, Nonmarket Valuation, Applied Econometrics

Gary Hunt
Migration, Energy, Regional Economic Growth and Development

Michael Montgomery
Macroeconomics, Monetary Theory, Austrian Economics

Jonathan Rubin
Environmental Regulation and Design, Economics of Alternative Transportation Fuels and Vehicles, Economics of Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Mario Teisl
Information Policy, Valuation Economics, International Environmental Policy

Tim Waring 
Sustainability, Cultural Evolution, Human Culture and Cooperation


Joel Anderson
Medieval History, Religion, Norse and Viking Worlds

Michael Lang
Modern Europe/Globalization/International Relations Theory

Stephen Miller
British Empire, Modern Africa, Military History


Kara Peruccio
Women’s Movements, Modern Middle East, Cultural History

Asif Nawaz

Modern Warfare, South Asia Politics, Middle East Politics, Modern Terrorism 

Maine Business School

Stefano Tijerina
Canada, Comparative Business, International Business

Modern Languages and Classics

Zachary R. Ludington
Spanish: Modern and Contemporary Spanish Peninsular Literature, Poetry, the Historical Avant-Garde, Modernism(s), Translation

Frédéric Rondeau
French: 20th Century Quebec Literature and Culture, Post-68 Literature, Culture, and Politics, Francophone Literature of North America; Quebec Poetry and Literary Journals, Contemporary French philosophy

Maria Sandweiss
Spanish: Immigration, Latinos in the U.S., and Culture

Kathryn Slott
French: 19th and 20th Century French Literature and Quebec Literature

Carlos Villacorta Gonzales
Spanish: 20th and 21st Century Latin American Literature and Culture, Contemporary Peruvian Poetry, Post-modernism in Latin American, Urban Studies.

Political Science

Timothy Cole
International Relations, Constitutional Law

Robert W. Glover
Globalization and Immigration, Social Movements, International Relations Theory

Paul Holman
International Security, Terrorism, and Eastern Europe

Seth Singleton
American Foreign Policy in Asia and the Middle East, International Relations Theory

Kristin Vekasi
China, Japan, Northeast Asia, International Relations, and Political Economy

James Warhola
Comparative Politics, Third World and Russia

Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies