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Faculty and Staff - Frédéric Rondeau

FRondeau2Frédéric Rondeau

Assistant Professor of French
Modern Languages and Classics
5742 Little Hall, Room 201
University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469-5742



Postdoctoral fellow (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada), Université Laval, Quebec City

Project: « Histoire d’une opposition à la littérature. La contre-culture, la nouvelle écriture et l’impact de 1968 au Québec » (‘‘History of an Opposition to Literature: Counter-culture, New writing, and the Impact of 1968 in Quebec’’)

Ph. D. McGill University, Montreal

Title: Le manque en partage. Configurations du politique chez Michel Beaulieu et Gilbert Langevin (Sharing the empty spaces: Configurations of the political in the works of Michel Beaulieu and Gilbert Langevin)

Pensionnaire étranger, École normale supérieure de Paris (Ulm)

M.A. Université de Montréal, Montreal

Title: Figures de l’écrivain à Liberté (1959-1980) (Figures of the Writer at Liberté (1959-1980))

B.A., Université de Montréal, Montreal

Research and Teaching Interests

20th Century Quebec Literature and Culture; Counter-Culture (transnational perspective); Post-68 Literature, Culture, and Politics (France-Quebec); Francophone Literature of North America; Quebec Poetry and Literary Journals; Literary Avant-gardes; Contemporary French philosophy (J. Rancière; R. Esposito; A. Negri; G. Deleuze; R. Barthes).


Courses taught at The University of Maine

FRE 465 – FRE 508: Le roman d’expression française en Amérique du Nord

FRE 390: Topics in French: Issues in Contemporary Francophone Culture. L’histoire du Québec par sa culture (de 1948 à nos jours)

FRE 310: Introduction aux littératures francophones

FRE 490: Autour de Mai 1968 : culture et politique en France (Spring 2014)

FRE 495: Senior project in French (Spring 2014)


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