Office Hours & Tutoring

If you cannot meet with an instructor/TA during the hours listed, please contact them directly to arrange a meeting.

Available by appointment only: 

Teaching Assistants

Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • Sharon McCarthy, French

Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistants

  • Chao Hui Wei, Mandarin 
  • Aurore Boutet, French

Part-Time Faculty

  • Paulette Barton, Latin
  • Shellie Batuski, Hebrew
  • James Brophy, Classics
  • Benjamin Johnson, Classics
  • Gudrun Keszocze, German
  • Maria Rave, Spanish
  • Anette Ruppel Rodrigues, German
  • Marie-Joelle St-Louis Savoie, French 
  • Adrian Arias-Palomo, Spanish

Critical Languages Program

Program Coordinator

  • Rachel Precopio-Ortiz


  • Giovanni Calcagno, Spoken Italian
  • Celma Pitt, Spoken Portuguese
  • Yousoo Han, Spoken Korean
  • Sayoko Mori, Spoken Japanese
  • Sammir Shaibani, Spoken Arabic


  • Cathleen Bauschatz, Professor Emerita of French
  • Eugene Del Vecchio, Professor of Spanish
  • Kathleen March, Professor Emerita of Spanish
  • Kristina Passman,  Associate Professor Emerita of Classical Languages and Literature
  • Raymond Pelletier,  Associate Professor Emeritus of French
  • William Small,  Professor Emeritus of German
  • James Troiano,  Professor Emeritus of Spanish
  • Reinhard Zollitsch,  Associate Professor Emeritus of German