Request H1B Processing

Please follow these steps to request H1B processing for a new or continuing employee.

Complete forms and submit documentation to the Office of International Programs for submission of I-129 petition to USCIS.   Begin this paperwork as soon as possible.  Please follow the directions carefully and submit ALL documents through the portal in Step 3.  If you have questions about the H1B application process please email or call 581-2905.

1.    Download and complete the following forms and save them to your computer:

Department Request for H1B Processing

H1B Actual Wage Form

Acknowledgement of Hiring Department’s Responsibility Form

2.  Assemble the following documents:

Copy of full job description (not needed for H1b extension unless job has changed)

Copy of offer letter (not needed for H1b extension)

3.   Complete the short H1B submission form and upload all of the documents in steps 1 and 2 to the form.  Please upload ALL documents at the same time.


Complete mandatory screening for export control issues (new hires only).   This paperwork is required and processed by UMaine’s Office of Research Compliance.  It should begin immediately as it requires several signatures.  For an overview of Export Control click here.  If you have questions about completing or submitting this form please call Amanda Ashe at 581-1480.

Complete the mandatory H1-B Deemed Export Worksheet & Compliance Certifications

Return worksheet and required documents to Amanda Ashe at

Please read instructions carefully.   Documents to submit with the worksheet:

Full job description

Required pages of beneficiary’s passport (listed in the instructions)

Beneficiary’s curriculum vitae