This website is geared towards UMaine’s international recruitment partners. The University of Maine follows the NAFSA Code of Ethics when recruiting international students. UMaine works with the following list of agents

  • Primary Contact: Lucy Sommo, Director of International Recruitment, 
  • Graduate Admissions: Jamie Ballinger, Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment Services,
  • Undergraduate Admissions: Andrius Ksikvas, Assistant Director of International Admissions,
  • Intensive English Institute (ESL Program): Rebecca Rand, Program Coordinator,
  • Contracts: Orlina Boteva, Director- Office of International Programs,
  • General questions:

Student Application Process

Submitting Applications

Institutional Representatives can submit their student’s application through the Application Portal for International Representatives. If submitting through the standard application process via the Common Application or the UMaine Mobile Application, please flag your student through an email to We accept scanned copies of original documents but require originals to be submitted after admission. Representatives are required to verify the authenticity of submitted materials. 

Application Deadlines

  • Undergraduate: Priority application deadline for scholarship consideration is February 1 for fall semester (August) and November 1 for spring semester (January). Applications received after these deadlines will be considered for admission on space available basis. The agency should also advise the student on the timeline for obtaining a US visa.
  • Graduate: July 1 for fall semester (August) and November 15 for spring semester (January).
  • ESL: Two months prior to the start date of each new session.

Becoming a New Recruitment Partner for UMaine

Please note that UMaine does not work with representatives on a commission basis without first having a signed contract. To apply as a new partner, please complete the New Recruitment Partner Application


UMaine has two types of contracts:
  • Multi-year contracts for international partners who anticipate a high volume of student applications to UMaine. This contract is for three years with no maximum dollar amount on total commission payments to the vendor. Interested companies must apply through the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process. 
  • Short-term contracts for partners who do not want to apply through the RFQ process. The contract is for 1 year with a lifetime maximum dollar amount of ALL commission payments not to exceed USD 10,000. If a partner is approaching this maximum amount, the partner must apply through the RFQ process.

Request For Qualifications (RFQ) Process

RFQ 37-16 Promotion and Recruitment of International Students

Submissions must be emailed as an electronic attachment to Gregg Allen, Strategic Sourcing Manager, e-mail:, phone: (207) 780-5097

Partners can submit applications to the RFQ on a rolling basis beyond the original deadline of January 17, 2016. The University of Maine System will continue to receive and evaluate them. 

The very last page of the document includes a checklist of required items to assist partners in preparing the RFQ application. 

The attached contracts are SAMPLES only and should be not signed and submitted. 

The University of Maine and the University of Southern Maine will separately contact partners who have applied to the RFQ. 

Student Success


UMaine provides a comprehensive academic student experience, yielding graduates who are well educated and well adjusted, and prepared to succeed after graduation and assume leadership roles in their respective careers. Students who graduate from UMaine carry their degrees and knowledge far beyond the classroom, making them highly competitive in the workplace and graduate school. Students in the Computer Science program have interned with Apple, gone on to work for Microsoft and are sought after by Google. Maine Business School alumni are now the vice president at IBM, CFO of Home Depot, and a partner at Deloitte. Many Political Science majors intern in state government and Congressional offices. Students in the Communication and Journalism program have succeeded in internships at Seventeen Magazine and the Boston Globe, setting them up for careers at places like National Geographic and NPR. Engineering students also have the incredible opportunity to develop new and innovative products used by the United States military and NASA. More perspective on the UMaine student experience can be found in our student profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we become a partner?

Please complete the New Recruitment Partner Application. It will allow us to learn more about you.

Will you authorize me to become an exclusive representative in my country or region?

Our preference is to work with multiple representatives, and provide you with the necessary resources to have a successful partnership. 

Do you pay commissions?

Yes, we pay commissions to our representatives.

What if we already referred students to UMaine without a contract in place?

UMaine cannot pay any commission for students referred to the university without a current contract in place. UMaine can accept your students without a contract, but commission will not be paid unless you have a current contract, and you have invoiced UMaine on time.

Will you waive the application fee for students applying through my agency?

No, we are unable to waive the application fees.

Are the students who apply through my agency guaranteed admission to your university?

No, all applicants and their documents will be equally reviewed and are required to meet the admissions academic requirements.

If I e-mail a student’s transcript and test scores, can you tell me the likelihood of their acceptance?

We prefer to receive full applications for review.

How do I submit my student’s application?

Students’ application from international representatives are submitted through the Application Portal for International Representatives which is password protected and available only to approved representatives. We accept scanned copies of original documents and will require the student to mail us the original copy upon admission.

Are students referred by agents considered for scholarships?

All undergraduate students are considered for all International Scholarships

Graduate students are nominated for scholarships by the admissions committee of their particular program. Typically, programs look at the student’s GPA, scores, recommendations, essay, and research interests to determine which students will be nominated.

Does UMaine have a paid deposit for international applicants?

UMaine doesn’t have a paid deposit for international students. 

How long will it take to process a student’s application?

Once the application is complete it takes approximately 3-5 business days at the undergraduate level to process the application and review it in order to make a decision. Once a decision is made, we will email the student and the agency a scanned copy of the admission letter. We will mail the I-20 within 5-10 business days of the admission decision.

Please keep in mind that admissions decisions for some graduate programs will take longer since the individual academic departments will be reviewing each application.

Where and how will the I-20 be sent?

We will mail the I-20 to the student or representative based on the agency’s preference. We mail documents via FedEx.

Will UMaine issue an I-20 for summer session in the Intensive English Institute?

UMaine can issue an initial I-20 for any session at the Intensive English Institute, including the first or second summer session. For more information, visit  IEI start dates.

What are the minimum language proficiency requirements for admission?

Undergraduate: 79 TOEFL (iBT), 550 TOEFL (paper-based TOEFL) or 6.5 IELTS

Graduate: 80 TOEFL (iBT), 550 TOEFL (paper-based TOEFL) or 6.5 IELTS

Students who do not submit any language test scores will be considered for conditional admission automatically.

Do you offer “conditional” admission to students?

Yes, if a student meets our requirements for admission but cannot supply a TOEFL or IELTS score we will issue an I-20 for conditional admission until they meet a sufficient proficiency for academic work in English.

The Intensive English Institute (IEI) at UMaine offers language training at all levels of proficiency. Students may apply directly to the IEI for English language training or to the Maine Bridge Program which combines language training with academic courses in the degree.

What is the “Bridge Program” at the Intensive English Institute?

The IEI Bridge program allows students to take a combination of ESL courses and academic courses. When a student reaches sufficient language level, they can enroll in one academic course while taking ESL courses. Each semester the number of academic course increases and the number of ESL courses decreases until the student reaches full proficiency and starts his or her academic program full-time. Undergraduate students can take up to 9 credits per semester (3 courses) while in the Bridge program. Graduate students can take 3 credits (1 graduate course) while in the Bridge program. 

What are the entry and exit requirements for the IEI Bridge Program?

Students who have at least 477 TOEFL or 4.5 IELTS are admitted into the IEI Bridge Program. If a student is below that level, s/he starts IEI with only ESL courses and no academic courses. When a student reaches 79 TOEFL (iBT), 550 TOEFL (paper-based TOEFL) or 6.5 IELTS, s/he will progress out of the IEI Bridge program and into the full academic program. 

How many credits per year can a student take?

There is no upper limit but most undergraduate students are advised not to take more than 18 credits per semester. Some graduate programs’ typical academic load is 9 graduate credits (18 per academic year). 

Does UMaine accept 3-year Bachelor degrees?

UMaine will accept an external credential evaluation confirming that the student has the equivalent of a US Bachelor’s degree. See more information on International Transfer Credit Evaluation.

What is the minimum college GPA to apply to a UMaine graduate program?

Each graduate academic program sets its own minimum scores for admission. For most programs the minimum is 3.0 undergraduate GPA. Some programs which tent to accept students who have been out of school for a few years have no minimum score and look at applications holistically.

Do all graduate programs require GRE or GMAT?

Select programs within the College of Education and Master of Science in Social Work, as well as many of the certificate programs do not require standardized exams.  The Intermedia Program also does not require a standardized exam.

Does UMaine require external evaluation of college transcripts for direct admission into graduate programs?

If the transcripts are in English, we do not require an external evaluation. 

What are the deadlines to apply to UMaine? Can students apply after the deadlines?

  • Undergraduate: Priority application deadline for scholarship consideration is February 1 for fall semester (August) and November 1 for spring semester (January). Applications received after these deadlines will be considered for admission on space available basis. The agency should also advise the student on the timeline for obtaining a US visa.
  • Graduate: July 1 for fall semester (August) and November 15 for spring semester (January).
  • ESL: Two months prior to the start date of each new session.

How can I get more brochures or recruitment materials?

Submit your request through the Request Promotional Materials form.

How much does it cost to attend the University of Maine?

For 2016-2017 academic year, the undergraduate rate is $44,149, graduate rate is $ 33,923, and IEI is $21,724. For more details visit Tuition and Expenses.

How do I document funding?

Students complete the Declaration of Finances Form and the agent submits as part of the application process.

Are international students allowed to work on campus?

Yes, according to US visa regulations for international students in F-1 status, students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week on campus. Students may work on campus full time during the summer and winter breaks. However, on campus work is very limited at UMaine, so it cannot be counted on as a source of funding.

How many international students attend the University of Maine? UMaine currently hosts approximately 600 students from more than 70 different countries. One of the best features of UMaine is that we do not have large groups of students from any one location.

Does UMaine have on-campus housing?

UMaine has a range of different on-campus housing options – traditional residence hall, suite style, graduate housing and family housing. We do not offer homestays. First-year students are required to live on campus. There is a number of off-campus housing options but UMaine does not facilitate this process.

If a student does not drive, how can s/he travel from UMaine to nearby cities such as Portland or Boston?

The city of Bangor has two bus companies  Greyhound and Concord Coach Lines which have daily service to Portland, downtown Boston, Logan Airport in Boston, and beyond. Concord Coach Lines picks up students on campus on Fridays and returns them to campus on Sundays when classes are in session at the New Balance Recreation Center. More information available here. Tickets can be purchased on campus as well. It is a very convenient service. 

The city of Bangor has its own airport. Bangor International Airport offers daily flights to Boston, NYC, Washington, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Orlando (Florida) etc.