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If you plan on applying for a degree program at UMaine (bachelor, master or PhD program), please apply directly to the program and do not submit this application. 

Outside Maine

Immigration Support Needed

Inside Maine

No Immigration Support Needed

Processing Time

Due to the high volume of applications, it might take 2 to 3 weeks of processing time. Please email us at if you have any questions.

UMaine System Employees

Employees and their dependents can take IEI classes and use the employee/dependent tuition waiver benefits for IEI classes. Contact us for more information.

UMaine Graduate Students

Graduate students can use assistantship or fellowship funding to take IEI courses, if approved by their advisor. Contact us for more information.

Students who do not meet the language proficiency requirement but have a strong academic record may be admitted conditionally. Conditionally admitted students are automatically forwarded to the Maine Bridge Program coordinator who will evaluate the student’s placement in the Maine Bridge Program.

IEI Estimated Costs

ExpenseItem1 Session2 Sessions3 Sessions4 Sessions
Fixed ExpenseCourse Fee$2,640$5,280$7,920$10,560
Fixed ExpenseStudent Fees$23$46$69$92
Estimated ExpenseHousing & Food*$3,198$6,396$9,594$12,792
Estimated ExpenseInsurance$532$1,064$1,596$2,128
Estimated ExpenseBooks/Supplies$120$240$360$480
Estimated ExpensePersonal/Recreational$200$400$600$800
Fixed Expenses do not change. Estimated Expenses change depending on individual student.
*Meal plan includes unlimited meals, plus $150/semester in Meal Plan Dollars on MaineCard.

Interested in applying to IEI but you’re not sure about timelines and specific dates? Check out our IEI academic calendar. You can download it as a PDF for better viewing! Download the academic calendar below.

Housing & Dining

Students in dorm room

UMaine Housing & Dining

Our goal at UMaine Housing is to ensure we take care of our students and offer them a safe place to live and thrive at the end of a long day of studies.
Additionally, the UMaine on-campus living experience is one that will allow lasting memories for years to come.

Learn more about campus housing, costs, and application process below. The IEI does not arrange housing. If you need campus housing, please apply after you have received your Acceptance Package.

UMaine Housing

UMaine Dining