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Confirm Your Attendance

Congratulations and welcome to the UMaine Intensive English Institute! We’re excited to welcome you to the program. Before you get start, the first thing you’ll want to do is confirm your attendance to the program. You can find the link to the form below.

Confirm your attendance

By completing the Enrollment Confirmation form you’ll notify us that you will attend the IEI Program.

Once this is completed, find below a list of things to complete before you arrive!

Arrival Information & Next Steps

Before Arrival

Upon Arrival

After Arrival

  • Arrive at UMaine before the orientation day.
  • Get your University Student ID card 
  • Move into your residence hall room or your room off campus
  • Join the WhatsApp group IEI students at UMaine
  • check your class schedule
  • Get to know the Umaine Campus
  • Check the orientation Schedule for mandatory sessions.
  • Complete immigration check in
  • Pay your bill
  • Waive or opt in a health insurance

Transportation will be provided on the designated arrival day for your session.

For more information please contact: um.iei@maine.edu

If you have applied for campus housing, we will help you move into your campus room and show you our dining hall.

If you are off campus, we will bring you to your new place. Meals will be your responsibility.

Learn more about our program, policies, procedures and other services we provide.

IEI Student Handbook

English Placement Test

When you arrive to UMaine, you will be tested for English Proficiency at the Intensive English Institute (IEI) to determine your level and combination of English language and academic degree classes


  • Will be a teacher from IEI
  • Help you select academic courses while in the Bridge Program
  • Provide guidance on general UMaine services

Enrolling in Your Academic Program

Conditionally admitted students study at IEI until they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Achieve a TOEFL score of 79 or an IELTS score of 6.5
  • Achieve a passing score on the UMaine English Proficiency placement test offered by IEI
  • Are granted permission from the Director of the Office of International Programs to fully enroll in their academic program

Upon completion of the IEI Bridge Program, the student will receive a new I-20 for their academic program. The student will be assigned a new academic advisor in their specified degree program.

Payments must be made in US$ to the University of Maine. For more information on fees, rates, housing and tuition. Please visit the Student Business Services.

IEI Application Fee and IEI Course Fees are non-refundable. All fees are subject to change.

You can use our customizable budget sheet to better understand what your IEI bill will look like.

All international students and their dependents in the U.S. are required to show proof of insurance that meets the minimal requirements of the University of Maine’s International Student Medical Insurance Plan. If you provide proof of adequate medical insurance coverage, you can waive the fee and can avoid this expense. (Coverage for dependents costs more than the student rate.) Click here for more information.

Learn more about about UMaine policies, procedures, schedules, academics and other information about the University of Maine.

UMaine Student Handbook

Urgent or Emergency Communications After Hours

If you urgently need to talk to a person from the Intensive English Institute after 16:30 (4:30pm) Monday through Friday and on weekends when the office is closed, call the University of Maine Campus Police and they will help you to reach us:  207-581-4040.

If you are locked out of your residence hall room, call the University of Maine Campus Police and they will let you into your room:  207-581-4040.