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The Office of International Programs (OIP) eagerly awaits your arrival!

Welcome to UMaine, a diverse campus that we hope you’re excited to call home for your upcoming semester(s). Our international students have always played an active role in both the intellectual and cultural life of our campus, so we’re always excited to welcome more! Between our clubs, intramural activities, and campus events you’ll have no shortage of things to do. Also, be sure to check out our bucket list: 50 Things to Do. You can find the link here.

Of course, we know that coming to a new country to study can be daunting, but OIP is here to help you prepare for your arrival to UMaine, and to navigate life on campus.

We’ve created this brochure to help you prepare for your move to Maine. Read it carefully and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our office.

Welcome to the Black Bear family!

Best regards,

Office of International Programs staff

Arrival and Orientation Information

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Video Tutorials

These videos are helpful to learn the basics of your Mainestreet account

Financial Terms and Conditions – Important!

  • Before we can register you for your first semester of classes, you must complete the Financial Terms and Conditions (FTC) in your MaineStreet Student Service listed in the To Do list. Read the full FTC text. Read the FTC Frequently Asked Questions

Placement Tests

  • Placement tests – complete for math, English composition, foreign languages and music before course registration 
  • ** If you need a pin for any of these please reach out to us at so we can help you access this pin

Terminology and Handouts


Conditionally Admitted Students

Selecting classes

Enrolling in Courses – Quick ‘How To’ Videos

Transfer Credits

Class Registration For Current UMaine International Students

Course Registration for Newly Admitted International Students

1.) Browse Mainestreet for Classes

Log into your Mainestreet account with your student email to browse available courses for your semester. Find the ones that interest you the most and contribute to your degree. As a student at UMaine, you need a minimum of 12 credits to be registered as a full-time student.

image of state of maine with text 'MaineStreet)
Generally, 1 course will equate to 3 credits (12 credits = 4 courses)

*Undergraduate Students: Must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits.

* Graduate Students: Must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits.

* Intensive English Students: Must be enrolled in 5 classes per session

2.) Student Center

Once you’ve found enough courses that equal out to a full-time student (minimum of 12 credits) you can add these classes to your “cart.” As an International student please avoid requesting online classes because these are compatible with your visa.

You’ll find courses in your student center which you access through Mainestreet. Refer to video here: Adding a Class to Cart.

Once in your student center, you’ll click on “Class Information.”


3.) Finding Classes & Adding to Cart

Once you’d clicked on class Search, you’ll be brought to a blank page with a search bar. Make sure on here, before you hit “Search,” you select the correct year and semester for the term and click the check box for “Show Open Classes Only.” This assures that you’re looking at the upcoming semester and only classes with open availability.

When you complete this and hit “Search,” you’ll get a list of courses. When you click on one, it’ll drop down and give you more information.

On this drop down, you’ll find a place to add the course to cart. Click on this button and then you’re class will be added. And that’s it!

4.) Email Advisor

With your wish list created, email your advisor which you can find on your Mainestreet. They’ll review your wish list and register you for lover-level classes or request special permission for higher-level classes.

Image of a mail envelope, red and white.