International Welcome from UMaine President Joan Ferrini-Mundy

Welcome to the University of Maine! We are so excited to have you here. 

Watch this short tutorial on navigating OIP’s website for help accessing the information on our website.

As always, please contact the Office of International Programs should you need further information or assistance at or at 207.581.3437.

Orientation Resources

Adjusting to U.S. Culture

Adjusting to your new environment will take some time and will be both fun and challenging.  Watch the recorded session here (a link will be updated soon).

Tour the Area

Campus Selfie Tour: Explore the campus with a self guided tour, take fabulous selfies, share them with us on Instagram @umaineinternational and Facebook @umaineoip. Best selfies will get UMaine branded prizes! Or watch the Virtual UMaine campus tour

Class Picture: Submit your photo online for the Class of 2024 mosaic picture.

Explore the town of Orono: self guided tour map.

Essential Technologies

Best Apps to use at UMaine: Watch our recorded panel here


U.S. Academic Culture: Watch our recorded videos to help you succeed in the US higher education system.
What I Wish I Knew Before my First Semester at UMaine: Watch the recorded panel here

University of Maine

The History of UMaine: Watch this short video. Explore more videos here UMaine history and UMaine student stories.
UMaine Quiz: Participate in our UMaine quiz for a chance to win a prize!

Learn about Maine

Welcome to the State of Maine Through Videos: Learn more about the state of Maine by watching People of the Dawn and explore more videos.
Celebrating Maine Bicentennial: Learn about the 200th anniversary of the state of Maine through a short video and website
What I like about Maine: Check out the recorded panel here.

Recorded Sessions

Watch This Narration of In-Person Class and On-Campus Rules for Fall 2020

You can check out the PDF and PowerPoint of this presentation.

U.S. Academic Environment and Culture:

Section 1: Section 2: Section 3: Section 4:
0:00 Introduction
00:29 Structure of the University
4:08 Academic Titles
7:55 Terms for Classes
10:20 Types of Classes
12:21 Class Standing
13:32 Majors, Minors, and Concentrations
16:21 Advising 
19:13 Academic Calendar
20:38 Grades
27:51 GPA
31:12 General Education
34:09 Other Academic Terms
40:53 Thank you!

Tips for Success in Online/Remote Courses with Elisa Sance

Section 1: Section 2: Section 3:
0:00 Introduction
01:38 Communication and US Norms
2:55 Brightspace pt. 1
4:16 Clarification and Interaction
7:14 Emailing Professors 
10:13 Bright Space pt. 2
14:47 Changes During the Semester and How to Know
15:59 Conditional Release and What is it?
18:15 Time Management
22:46 Time Management with Reading in English
25:20 Organization and Time Management pt. 2
26:51 Roles in the Learning Space
33:01 Student Roles and Norms in an Online Format
36:29 Attendance in an Online Format
38:52 Asynchronous Participation
40:21 Thank you

Academic Success Tips – Questions and Answers with Elisa Sance

Section 1: Section 2: Section 3:
0:00 Introduction
00:28 What if You Can’t Hear?
2:53 Brain Fatigue and Operating in English
7:27 ADA and Accommodations on Campus
10:42 Tutoring and Other Resources 
12:57 Varying the Speed of the Recording
16:39 Embedded Quizzes 
18:09 Discussion Boards and US Norms
22:29 Group Work and US Norms
25:19 Oral Exams and Recording
29:53 Citations
32:44 Final Tips (Take Advantage of Opportunities)

Videos About Campus Services