Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for information on DTAV and Patch? Find those questions and answers here.

Who is eligible for on-campus housing?

  • Undergraduate students at least 17 years of age, matriculated in a degree program, and enrolled for a minimum of nine credit hours during the current semester
  • Undergraduate students enrolled in fewer than nine credit hours may be eligible for an academic exception or disability accommodation.
  • Graduate students enrolled in University of Maine coursework 

When can I move in for the fall 2021 semester?

Checkin information is available on the Maine Hello page. 
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May I choose my roommate?

You may request a roommate on the fall housing application. If you find a roommate after submitting your housing application, please email us with the name of your requested roommate. All roommate requests must be mutual and are guaranteed if received by May 1. We will accommodate requests received after May 1 if at all possible. If you matched with a roommate through My College Roomie, you do not need to contact our office with your roommate request. My College Roomie is now closed for Fall 2021.
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How are room assignments made?

Incoming first year students:

You may select up to three themed housing or living/learning preferences on your housing application. You may be assigned to any one of the three you select. Or, you may select General First Year housing.

Incoming transfer students:

  • If you’d like, request the Transfer Living Community (fourth floor of York Hall) – Space is limited.
  • First year transfer students will be assigned to first year housing, as long as space is available.
  • Upperclass transfer students will be assigned to the appropriate upperclass housing, as long as space is available.

Returning students:

  • Assignments made based on space availability to upperclass halls.
    • Hall preference follows first-received, first-assigned basis

Of note:

  • UMaine is a tobacco-free campus
  • All halls are coed by floor or section

Assignments are only made once admission has been confirmed.
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When do I find out who my roommate is and where I’m living?

Room assignments will be available to students who have been assigned on July 1 in myHousing. If you do not see the “Check my Assignment” button on July 1, it means you have not yet been assigned. We will assign you as soon as possible. 
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Where are transfer students assigned?

Transfer students will be assigned in either first year or upperclass housing, depending on class standing and space availability. Transfer students may request the Transfer Living Community, located in York Hall. 
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Is housing guaranteed?

First-year students and transfer students transferring in as first-year students:

  • If you are applying for the fall semester, we will offer housing as long as space is available 

Incoming transfer students who are transferring in as upperclass students: See “Where are Transfer students assigned?”
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Which halls are designated as First Year Experience residence halls as of fall 2021?

  • Androscoggin
    • Third floor:  Explorations; first year
    • Fourth floor:  Green Living; first year
  • Aroostook
    • First and second floors: Substance Free; all years
    • Fourth floor – Prism+; all years
  • Colvin: Honors – all years
  • Cumberland: Fourth floor:  Gaming community; first year
  • Gannett
    • Second floor: Intramurals community; first year
    • Fourth floor: Leave Your Print; first year
  • Hancock
  • Kennebec
    • Third floor: Mosaic Community; all years
    • Fourth floor: Outdoor Adventure; all years
  • Knox
    • Fourth floor: Global Neighborhood
  • Oxford
    • First and second floor: Engineering & Technology; first year
    • Third floor: School of Nursing; first year
    • Fourth floor: Support for Science Students; first year
  • Penobscot: Honors – primarily first year
  • Somerset: Maine Business School living learning community (LLC)
  •  York
    • First and second floor; first year 

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How safe are the residence halls?

Residence halls are locked at all times, and may only be entered by students and staff whose MaineCards are encoded to allow entry. This typically includes residents, including Residence Life staff for that building, and custodial staff. Additional safety information is available from the University of Maine Police Department.  
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How do I change my meal plan?

Students may change their meal plans once during the first six weeks of each semester by logging into myHousing.  If you need modification to your meal plan for dietary reasons, contact UMaine Dining directly. 
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What should I bring to campus?

Take a look at our list of what to bring to campus
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What are the dimensions of my room?

Rooms in many of our residence halls are different. For more information on each residence hall, please click on residence halls
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What size are the beds on campus? What if I’m 6’4″ or taller?

All standard beds at UMaine are 80″ long (Twin XL sheet size). Once rooms have been assigned, students who are 6’4″ or taller may request an extra long (84″) bed through myHousing. Students are not permitted to bring their own beds or mattresses.
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Can I loft my bed?

You sure can! Bed height requests are made after your room has been assigned. Request your loft online prior to arrival on campus and after you know your room assignment. There are two options for bed setups available – standard height and mid-height. All rooms will have the standard setup unless you request another. 
High loft requests are not available for fall 2021 due to sprinkler and room logistical issues. 

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Do I need property insurance to protect my belongings at UMaine?

Yes. The University of Maine does not provide insurance for personal possessions. All residents are strongly encouraged to have their own property insurance or coverage under their family’s homeowner policy.
If your personal belongings (laptop, phone, etc.) are not covered under your family’s homeowner policy while you are enrolled, please be aware that comprehensive, low-cost property insurance designed specifically for college students is available from CSI College Student Insurance. Students have access to important insurance information via pdf. Information for what parents should know about their students’ insurance has also been made available.
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Can I switch rooms or roommates?

There is a two-week Room Freeze at the start of each semester. After  the Room Freeze ends, students may request a room change. Please contact your Community Coordinator to request a room change.
If you have a MicroChill Combo through College Products and are changing rooms, contact College Products at 712.226.3250.

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If my roommate moves out, do I get the room to myself?

This option is only available when all requests for campus housing have been accommodated. Students without roommates who wish to guarantee they will not be assigned one must pay a higher room rate (see next FAQ). 
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Are single rooms available?

Students with a documented medical need for a single room assignment are given priority for available single rooms, as approved by Student Accessibility Services. Once these students have been accommodated, any remaining singles will be assigned to students on a waiting list. Please contact us if you wish to be placed on the singles waiting list.

Room rates are higher for single room occupancy.

Do residence halls have gender inclusive restrooms?

The Prism+ community restrooms on the fourth floor of Aroostook Hall are gender-neutral. View a detailed list from the Rainbow Resource Center, which gets updated frequently.  
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I have a disability. Who should I contact about living on campus?

Students with physical or psychological disabilities may request specific housing/dining accommodations. Disabilities require documentation by a qualified medical provider. Student Accessibility Services provides adaptations including testing accommodations, note takers, ordering alternate format texts, classroom relocation, advisement on disability issues, and housing related accommodations. To request accommodations please contact Student Accessibility Services.

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Do the residence halls close during University breaks?

All residence halls are open for October Break and Thanksgiving Break. DTAV/Patch, Kennebec, Knox, Stodder and York Hall are also open for the Winter Break and Spring Break. If you are an International Student, please contact the Office of International Programs for information.

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Can I cancel my room assignment before moving in, or move out of my residence hall prior to the end of the academic year?

Returning students who cancel their room assignment after February 24 and prior to August 28 are subject to a room cancellation fee. If a student moves out of the residence hall after opening, the student account account will be charged at the per diem rate for room and board, a room cancellation fee of $500.00, and additional fees for board. For more information, visit Room and Board Cancellation Fees.

The Undergraduate Room and Board License – 2021-2022 and Graduate Room and Board License – 2021-2022 are for the entire academic year, or the remainder of the academic year if assigned after opening in the fall or spring semesters. 
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Can I have a car on campus?

Yes, students may have cars on campus, although a car is not necessary.

  • A parking decal is required for all cars on campus.
  • Decals are available at the Parking Office at the DTAV Community Center.
  • All lots are designated either for residents, commuters, and faculty/staff.
  • Parking is not available for all decals in all lots.
  • The Community Connector is free with your MaineCard and offers service between Orono, Old Town, Brewer, Bangor, and Hampden.

Black Bear Orono Express provides free transportation from campus to downtown Orono.
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Can I have a pet?

No, except fish in 10-gallon or smaller fish tanks or a service/support animal that has been approved by Student Accessibility ServicesSee our list of what to bring to campus.
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Should I bring my bicycle to campus?

Definitely! There are some great bike paths on campus grounds. Make sure that you do the following:

  • Register your bike with Parking Services
  • Bring and use a bike lock
  • Store your bicycle in bike racks available around campus
    • Most residence halls have winter bicycle storage

Take a look at our list of what to bring to campus
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Are there banking services on campus?

Yes, there is a full-service Credit Union with a 24-hour ATM on the north side of campus, and an additional ATM in the Memorial Union. You may want to check with your financial institution to see if they participate in shared branching, have surcharge-free ATM policies, or have a branch in the Orono area. 
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What is my mailing address?

Use the following format to send mail to residence hall students:

First and last name
University of Maine
Student Hall, Rm #
Orono, ME 04469

Package Pickup for Resident Students

All packages mailed to resident students by the USPS or shipped by a private carrier (ex. FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) will be picked up at the Package & Postal Center, the US Postal Substation at the Memorial Union. Students will receive an email on their account to pick up their package once it has been processed. The student will need their MaineCard ID or driver’s license to receive their package at the Package & Postal Center.
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Where can I do my laundry?

Laundry facilities are located in the basement or first floor of each residence hall, and in the DTAV Community Center for those who live in DTAV or Patch. Learn more about laundry and other amenities.
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How’s the Wi-Fi?

UMaine residence halls are complete with MyResNet, which allows for lag-free internet signal. Learn more about our connectivity options.
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Do I need a TV?

You can choose to bring your TV or simply use your computer to watch your favorite shows live or via DVR on Stream2! Each residence hall has a large TV in the community TV lounge. Learn more about Stream2 and devices.
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