What is DTAV/Patch?

Doris Twitchell Allen Village (DTAV) and Patch are upper class apartments shared by 4-6 students. Located near Oxford Hall and across the street from the Ornamental Gardens and University Credit Union, these two facilities house up to 400 students. DTAV/Patch is a quiet community. Many of the residents are heavily involved in senior capstone, research, student teaching, internships, work, etc. Staff assists students in community standards that keep the community a quieter environment respectful of those with early morning obligations.

Who is eligible to live there?

Students with Junior or Senior standing for Fall 2024. Students with Sophomore standing for Fall 2024 and no conduct issues with Residence Life are also eligible.

When are DTAV/PATCH applications due, and where can they be found?

The Group Application process and be found here. Completed applications are due February 16, 2024.

What kind of apartments are they?

Patch Hall houses four students in three combinations: Four singles; two doubles; or two apartments in the building have one double and two single bedrooms. DTAV is either five- or six-person apartments. In a five-person apartment, there are two doubles and one single. In six-person apartments, there are two doubles and two singles.

What does each apartment include?

All apartments are fully furnished. Each bedroom has a bed, dresser, desk, and wardrobe for each resident assigned to the bedroom. The living room has a combination of couch or chair seating and a dining room table with chairs. The kitchen has a full-sized refrigerator, a microwave, cooktop in DTAV apartments, and a full oven/cooktop in Patch apartments. Some suites have a convection oven. Each apartment has a full bathroom.

Can I have a pet?

No, except fish in 10-gallon or smaller fish tanks or a service/support animal that has been approved by Student Accessibility Services. See our list of what to bring to campus.

Are policies different in DTAV/Patch?

Most policies are identical to traditional residence halls. The notable exceptions are that students can have countertop appliances in the kitchen and cannot have stand-alone mini-fridges or microwaves in the bedrooms, since a full-size refrigerator and a microwave is provided in the suite.

Are coed suites allowed?

While permissible, we do not encourage coed suites, but suites may be coed. If a vacancy occurs in a coed suite, it is the responsibility of the remaining residents to fill the space or possibly pay an additional room fee due to Housing Services being unable to randomly assign coed suites. Coed group applications will not be accepted if they do not include a minimum of four for Patch, or five or six for DTAV.

How do I apply if I am not in a current resident group?

You may apply for housing as a Group Leader for DTAV/Patch as an individual and be randomly assigned to a suite with a space. This may mean that you are assigned within a CA suite (Resident Assistants in DTAV/Patch are called Community Assistants). However, there is no guarantee of assignment as full groups have priority.

What if a person drops out of my group?

If you have an eligible student you want to pull into that space, that person, if on campus, would be reassigned to your suite. If the person is off campus, they would need to complete an application and be assigned with your group. If you fail to fill the vacancy, it may be randomly assigned, unless it is a coed suite. If it is a coed suite, you are responsible for filling the vacancy or paying an additional fee to cover the cost of the vacancy.

Do I have to have a meal plan?

A meal plan is not required for residents of DTAV/Patch, but it is recommended that you consider one of the plans available to DTAV/Patch residents. Having at least a minimal meal plan ensures you have a backup that can be budgeted into your financial aid.

Are there bike rooms in DTAV/Patch?

No. You must keep your bikes in your apartment or outside in a bike rack.

Where are the laundry and mailboxes?

These are located in the Community Center. Laundry is in the basement and is unlimited for all residents in 2023-2024. Mailboxes are on the main floor.

Are the rooms carpeted?

No. All rooms have either tile or wooden floors.

Are there RAs in the apartments?

Yes, 7 Community Assistants (CAs) and a Community Coordinator work within the complex.

Can 21-year-olds live with students under the age of 21?

Yes. There are no restrictions based on the legal drinking age in the State of Maine. If one occupant of any one double bedroom (or a single occupant in a single) is under 21, no alcohol can be in that specific bedroom.

Is DTAV/Patch continuous housing?

Yes. DTAV/Patch is open for all University breaks during the academic year.

Can I keep my stuff in my apartment over the summer?

No. Apartments are used to house conferences over the summer.

Can I move in early in the fall?

If you are required by a University Department to be on campus prior to move-in day (the day before the semester begins), your name must be on a list maintained in the Housing Office.

Do custodians clean the apartment?

No. You are required to clean your own apartment, and provide your own cleaning supplies. We provide toilet paper, which is available in the Community Center.

Is there wireless internet?

Yes, all suites have Wi-Fi.

Can we decorate our apartments/paint our apartments?

You can decorate, as long as your decorations meet standards listed in the Guide to Campus Living. You cannot alter or damage any surface, so painting is not allowed.

I have a medical need that requires accommodation in DTAV/Patch. Who do I contact?

Student Accessibility Services is located in the East Annex. Call them at 207.581.2319.

What are the room rates?

Current and proposed rates are posted on the Room and Board Policies page as they become available. The DTAV/Patch rates are listed toward the bottom.