Anderson-Joel_082615_AK_DSC_4381-200x300 Joel Anderson, Lecturer
(Ph.D., Cornell University). Medieval, Reformation Europe, Viking and Medieval Scandinavia.

  • Jacques Ferland, Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator
    (Ph.D., McGill University). Colonial Canadian, Franco-Canadian and Native American history.

gotfly-600x450Nathan Godfried, Adelaide & Alan Bird Professor
(Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison). U.S. 20th-century history, popular culture.

Mazie--229x250Mazie (Mary L.) Hough, Associate Professor of History and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
(Ph.D., Maine). American Women’s History, U.S. 19th-century, social history.

Me 2Richard W. Judd, McBride Professor of History
(Ph.D., University of California, Irvine). Maine, U.S. 19th-century, labor and environmental history. Editor, Maine Historical Society Quarterly.

AK by Adam Kuykendall 2015Anne K. Knowles, Professor
(Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison). Historical geography, digital humanities, Holocaust.

Michael Lang, Associate Professor
(Ph.D., University of California, Irvine). Modern Europe, intellectual history, international relations

Ngo Vinh Long, Professor
(Ph.D., Harvard University). Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian history.

beth2Elizabeth McKillen, Adelaide & Alan Bird Professor
(Ph.D., Northwestern University). U.S. foreign relations and trans-national labor history, nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Mark McLaughlin Mark J. McLaughlin, Assistant Professor of History and Canadian Studies
(Ph.D., University of New Brunswick). Environmental history, Canadian history, history of science and technology, comics studies.

stephenStephen M. Miller, Adelaide & Alan Bird Professor and Department Chair
(Ph.D., University of Connecticut). British Empire, Military history, South Africa.

  • Micah Pawling, Assistant Professor of History and Native American Studies
    (Ph.D., University of Maine). Ethnohistory of Native North America, Native American, Wabanaki, environmental, U.S., and Canadian history; research collaboration with Native American communities in Maine.

DSC_5716Liam Riordan, Professor
(Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania). Early America, American Revolution, trans-Atlantic, and cultural history.

Scott-960Scott W. See, Libra Professor
(Ph.D., University of Maine). Canadian, Canadian-American history, Northeast Borderlands.

  • Howard P. Segal, Professor
    (Ph.D., Princeton University) U.S. 20th-century, history of science and technology.

M SmithMaureen E. Smith, Associate Professor
(Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) Native American history, Diversity Across the Curriculum.

Adjunct Faculty

1361919612-copy1Stefano Tijerina, Adjunct Instructor
(Ph.D., University of Maine) Latin America, economics, political science

Rebecca-249x250Rebecca White, Adjunct Instructor
(Ph.D., University of Maine) Women’s history, modern U.S.

Jennie-196x250Jennie Woodard, Adjunct Instructor
(Ph.D., University of Maine) Modern U.S., media, popular culture

Affiliated Faculty

  • Wayne O’Leary, Research Associate Professor
    (Ph.D., University of Maine). New England fisheries.
  • Carol N. Toner, Research Associate Professor
    (Ph.D., University of Maine). Division of Lifelong Learning. U.S. Labor and Women’s history, Maine history.

Collaborative Graduate Faculty

BischofLibby Bischof, Professor, University of Southern Maine
(Ph.D., Boston College). Maine history, American popular culture, historical photography.


  • William J. Baker, Professor Emeritus
    (Ph.D., Cambridge University [UK]). Modern British, European and sports history.
  • John F. Battick, Associate Professor Emeritus
    (Ph.D., Boston University). Maritime, early modern European and British history.
  • Richard Blanke, Professor Emeritus
    (Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley). Modern Europe, especially Germany, Russia, and eastern Europe.
  • Jay A. Bregman, Professor Emeritus
    (Ph.D., Yale University). Ancient, intellectual and jazz history.

img52Alexander Grab, Professor Emeritus
(Ph.D., UCLA). Modern Italian, 18th- and 19th-century European, Middle East history.

  • Jerome J. Nadelhaft, Professor Emeritus
    (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison). Colonial American, Revolutionary era history.
  • Warthumbnailren C. Riess, Research Associate Professor Emeritus of History
    (Ph.D., University of New Hampshire). Darling Marine Center. Colonial American, Revolutionary era, maritime history and archaeology.
  • William H. TeBrake, Professor Emeritus
    (Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin). Medieval European environmental and social, Netherlandic history.