History Department

The History Department at the University of Maine offers both undergraduate and graduate programs leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy.

We offer a wide variety of chronological, geographical, and thematic courses that enhance individuals’ understanding of themselves and the contemporary world by expanding their experiences to include the experiences of other peoples, both past and present. These courses range from ancient times to the present, cover most geographical regions of the world, and allow topical specialties ranging from women’s and environmental history to military and intellectual history. History graduates find employment in a wide range of occupations. Traditionally, they have gone into teaching and education careers in primary and secondary schools and, with appropriate graduate-level training, colleges and universities. More recently, increasing numbers of history graduates are finding their way into private and public non-profit organizations and agencies, such as museums, archives and libraries, research and service institutions, legislative bodies, and planning agencies. Others find career opportunities in the private sector, including publishing, journalism and broadcasting, and law firms; in fact, history is an ideal pre-law major.


History Annual Newsletter

History is Not a Useless Major by Paul B. Sturtevant

Congratulations to the 2024 Phi Alpha Theta Inductees!

Tilia Baratta, Brenda A. DeBlois, Carter Emerson, Chapman M. Hall, Emily Hills, Katie Ritchie, Britteney Shambarger, Susan Eleanore Albrecht Smith, Rosemary Thorne, Lincoln Wilburn Tiner

Department of History 2024 Awards and Scholarships

Undergraduate Awards:

The John J. Nolde Memorial Prize

William Stellmann

Lincoln Tiner

The Laurence Evans and Elizabeth Taylor Evans Award

Emily Hills

Charles J. Dunn Scholarship

Ethan Robbins

Outstanding Senior Theses

Alex Isada, Lee Lavoie, Poppy Lambert

The Nancy R. Johnson Memorial Prize in Ancient History

Brenda DeBlois, E. Feeney

Hildegarde B. Perkins Scholarship

Emme Aylesworth, Konner Boucher

The Comstock-Weston Scholarship

Chappy Hall, Lee Lavoie, Katherine Misiaszek, Hannah Whitley

Graduate Awards:

The Ipsen-Weiner Memorial Scholarship

Savannah Clark

New England-Atlantic Provinces-Quebec Fellowship

David Coombs

Frances Robinson Mitchell Schlolarship

Jessica Graham

Foreign Language Area Studies Award

Joseph Wrobleski

Photos from Award Ceremony:

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