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AK by Adam Kuykendall 2015Anne Kelly Knowles

Anne is internationally known for her pioneering research using GIS (geographic information systems) and other kinds of geovisualization to study the past. She is interested in both the methodological challenges of translating historical sources into digital form and the ethical and representational issues posed by visualization.






Anne’s Gettysburg TedEd Talk                       Geographies of the Holocaust (2014)             Mastering Iron (2013)

                            Holocaust Geographies Collaborative

Mark McLaughlinMark J. McLaughlin                

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Joel Anderson

Anderson-Joel_082615_AK_DSC_4381-200x300 Bernhard_von_Clairvaux_(Initiale-B) (2)“Teaching Medieval Books in a Digital Age.”

Benjamin Meader


                   Introduction to GIS                               Visualizing Variables                     Georeferencing and Digitizing